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Oklahoma should adopt college exit exams

Published: September 6, 2013

Next year, approximately 200 colleges will begin giving their graduates standardized exit exams called the Collegiate Learning Assessment Plus. Purpose of the exam is to evaluate the quality of the education they received and provide a more objective way of comparing the achievements of students at different schools. The force behind the need for these exams is employers who say that colleges have watered down their requirements and standards to the extent that grade point averages are overstated and no longer meaningful in evaluating the potential of new hires.

Graduates will be able to include exit exam results with job applications; employers are expected to give them more weight than GPA in their hiring decisions. For that reason Oklahoma colleges should adopt these exit exams so that our graduates will be on equal footing with the other colleges that are implementing these tests, such as those in the Texas state university system. Failure to do so will put our graduates at a competitive disadvantage when they seek employment.

Bill Walker, Yukon