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Oklahoma State basketball: Marcus Smart's shove seen round the world has schools emphasizing fan behavior

Oklahoma State's Marcus Smart is not the only one ready to press the reset button. Others are pausing, looking in the mirror and reflecting on their behavior.
by Jenni Carlson Published: February 21, 2014

Somewhere along the line, Khazen stepped over the line.

Longtime official Jim Burr had enough and booted him. But when an arena security guard told Khazen to go, he wasn't interested in leaving. The guard had to call over other security staff to help him. Finally, four security guards compelled Khazen to leave — but not before he had a few more choice words for Burr.

That same night, Oklahoma played at home, and every Sooner fan sitting courtside found a letter in their seat when they arrived. It reminded them that officials can call an “indirect technical foul” and request a fan's removal for the use of profanity, racial slurs or threatening language.

Then before the game, a fan code of conduct was flashed on the scoreboard's big screen.

Frankly, that's the kind of thing every school should do regularly. Nightly seems unnecessary, but three or four times a season would be appropriate. Just remind fans about what's expected of them.

Because the truth is, more fans, not less, are going to be sitting close to the court in coming years. There's money to be made in those seats, and schools are going to do everything to make the most of that real estate.

So, fans must behave. You can support your team. You can be loud and proud. And you can do those things without being ugly.

A big orange and black reset button is being hit Saturday in Stillwater, but hopefully, fans everywhere are hitting one, too.

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