Oklahoma State basketball: Mason Cox shines at Australian Football League combine

www.afl.com.au Published: April 28, 2014

Former Oklahoma State basketball player Mason Cox - all 6-foot-10 of him - was tabbed as one of the standouts of the Australian Football League's U.S. International Combine in Los Angeles this past weekend.

According to AFL.com.au, Cox is the tallest athlete -- Australia or abroad -- to take part in the 20-year history of the league's combine tests.

Cox "impressed with his speed and agility for a player his size," and received high praise from AFL national talent manager Kevin Sheehan.

"He's mobile, agile, and a good decision-maker. He was the absolute standout, no doubt."

As chronicled by our John Helsley back in February, Cox's path to OSU basketball player was unexpected. Cox was a soccer goalkeeper in high school, then a Brittney Griner-clone at OSU women's practices, then walk-on for the men's team.

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