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Oklahoma State basketball: Q&A with Cowboys superfan Amanda Marcum-Enfield

BY STEPHANIE KUZYDYM, Staff Writer, Published: March 22, 2013

Has the attention been weird?

It has been. It's completely unexpected. I did not see this coming at all.

Do you know how people found out?

I know that when we moved to Fort Myers, the local papers did a little article on how we met so I don't know if they saw that online. It wasn't something we were talking about.

Do you still model at all?

No, not really. Since we moved away from New York, I kind of just gave it up. That's really where I needed to be to continue. I like being with my kids. I miss it but I like being home with them and taking care of them. It would be a job where I would have to be gone a lot for.

Even more than he is for basketball?

Well, I don't know about that. That could be a toss up. It would be a lot. And it's completely unpredictable like where you go and what happens. So there isn't much of a schedule I could make with my kids.

So you're an Oklahoma girl who became an East Coast girl and a Florida girl?

I still have to work on the West Coast, but other wise I think I have it covered.

How often do you get back to Oklahoma?

It's been a while. My family there hasn't met my son. Not that often because we usually have to travel during the summer and because of Andy's schedule. With the schedules, it hasn't really worked out. And pregnancies. I used to go back every year, but we'll try to get that going again.

What do you miss about Oklahoma?

I miss my family. I loved going to the Oklahoma State games with my dad, the football especially. I have to say I like football better than basketball — just by a little bit.

When was the last Oklahoma State basketball game that you went to?

I think it was St. Joes when they played them in the Sweet Sixteen or the Elite Eight and they were playing in New Jersey. I went to that game. I still have the picture. I looked like a maniac I was so happy. Do you remember John Lucas? He hit the 3 at the end. I was so happy. That's the last one I went to. Coach (Eddie) Sutton was still there.