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Oklahoma State: Discussing the 'Gundy-Go-Round,' Tennessee coaching offer

NewsOK Sports Editor Mike Sherman and his team discussed Mike Gundy's decision to stay at Oklahoma State during a Google+ Hangout Wednesday afternoon. Watch a replay of the video here.

FROM STAFF REPORTS Modified: December 5, 2012 at 3:43 pm •  Published: December 5, 2012

NewsOK Sports Editor Mike Sherman and his team discussed Mike Gundy's decision to stay at Oklahoma State during a Google+ Hangout Wednesday afternoon.

CBS Sports reported Wednesday morning that Tennessee had offered its head coaching job to Gundy, though there are conflicting reports out of Tennessee as to whether the offer had been made.

Sources at OSU have also indicated that Gundy has been flirting with other job opportunities as a way to leverage more power and control over his Cowboy program.

Watch the hangout above and read the comment thread below for more on this story.

NewsOK 2:35 p.m. We're hosting a special Google+ Hangout at 3 p.m. today to discuss reports that Mike Gundy will stay at OSU despite being offered the head coaching job at Tennessee.
NewsOK 2:35 p.m. Kickoff the conversation now and submit your comments and questions below.
Guest 2:39 p.m. 5.5 million/year, is that correct?
RHH 2:41 p.m. Is it true that Gundy is not happy with Holder?
BJC 2:49 p.m. I'm so happy Gundy is staying!! What is it with Mike Holder? Is he Mr Power and making sure everyone knows it?
Guest 2:49 p.m. Is Mike Gundy in line for a pay raise to keep him at OSU?
Guest 2:55 p.m. Is Berry going to look like an alien again?
jeff 2:55 p.m. is it out of the question that holder should go? and who makes that call...burns?
Brian 2:56 p.m. Let's play "What if...?" What if Mike Gundy had left, who would have been candidates to replace him and why?
CL 2:56 p.m. If the $$ rumored from Tenn are correct ($5.5M/yr for 5 years), then it wouldn't make sense to leave a place where you've got 7 more years on a contract worth $3.7M per year. Tennessee would fire a coach if he had a bad year, and then where would Gundy be. He can stay at the place he really wants to be, and only be down $1.6M -- I've got to believe the issues were NOT financial
Steve 2:56 p.m. What happened that OSU is no longer a NY Yankees job?
Guest 3:00 p.m. My understanding is that Mike loves OSU and wants to stay but is unhappy caused by the strain with Holder. I'm thinking Holder may be a big problem I more ways than just Gundy.
karl bagwell 3:00 p.m. I'm an OSU fan from the San Francisco Bay Area and a season ticket holder: I am so happy that Gundy is staying and I hope that any difficulties with the university will be worked out.
Jill 3:03 p.m. Do you think the conflict over scheduling was resolved?
JMan 4OSU 3:03 p.m. Coach, have issues been resolved so we don't keep seeing or hearing of this next year too? You are not an island! We love you man!
Drew from Wichita 3:04 p.m. Enough on Gundy, what is the scoop on Bill Young... Should Gundy make a coaching change with the DC?
Guest 3:04 p.m. Have you guys ever eaten 4 cans of ravioli in one sitting? And what role does Burns Hargis have in mending the Holder/Gundy relationship?
Bob 3:04 p.m. Why hasn't Gundy released a statement stating his allegiance to OSU? Could these rumors hurt recruiting? OSU has picked up at least two commits during the Gundy-goround.
Brian 3:04 p.m. So, if Gundy turned down an SEC job, what would it take for him to actually leave OSU?
CL 3:06 p.m. Berry, why does he need an agent if he's not going to use one to shop occasionally ?
JMan 4OSU 3:06 p.m. Don't look down your nose at us Barry! Puhleese!
JMan 4OSU 3:07 p.m. Thanks man.
CL 3:07 p.m. If Holder/Boone think Gundy is locked in, then they might not be inclined to take care of Gundy down the road.
CL 3:09 p.m. I'm not sure Holder, Boone, and Gundy ought to take one of their Quail hunts this year !!
JMan 4OSU 3:11 p.m. Gundy needs to move the bar up though! Play better teams you get more respect and better BCS ratings.
Drew from Wichita 3:11 p.m. Gundy is never going to win another Big12 championship with the mentality of wanting to play "CUPCAKES." That's the mentality of a non-winner... (This is coming from an OSU fan)
Jill 3:11 p.m. Also, if you don't play a tougher non-conference schedule you won't ever be up there with the big boys. The BCS rewards tougher schedules.
Guest 3:14 p.m. Do other coaches have control over the schedule
JMan 4OSU 3:17 p.m. Remember when Coach Pat Jones jumped all over Coach Gundy about his schedule Georgia? Why did Gundy suddenly adopt his mentality now? He really was so staunch that Jones was wrong then!
Jill 3:17 p.m. So with Gundy staying, do you think that signals he got what he wanted with scheduling, etc?
Drew 3:17 p.m. If that's his mentality then from what Gundy is saying is "We should not play Bedlam anymore, because it makes us lay an egg against the following opponent like Baylor..."
JMan 4OSU 3:19 p.m. Great point Drew! I agree with you fully.
boomer 3:20 p.m. i personelly think he tired of looseing to OU
DarHudd 3:20 p.m. I'm sure Gundy and his staff know how to construct a schedule to maximize their talent and experience. This was a rebuilding year. They have to keep their players confidence up and gain experience. Tougher teams this year would have hurt the program going forward in the future.
Alum in AZ 3:21 p.m. In today's system, tough non-conference schedule is not needed. But perhaps it will matter in new 4-team playoff.
Guest 3:23 p.m. Will Gundy be a candidate for the Texas job when Mack retires or gets fired?
Alum in AZ 3:23 p.m. What's impact of all of this on assistant coaches, if any?
CL 3:24 p.m. Wasn't one of those non-conf games this year scheduled at the last minute because of the addition of TCU to the Big 12 ?
boomer 3:24 p.m. mike gundy in a MAN
Brian 3:24 p.m. Where does Burns Hargis come into all of this?
JMan 4OSU 3:24 p.m. DarHudd, that is a self- defeating attitude. The big picture should be to get your young team experience and to learn how to play in high pressure games on the road. That is what makes a team turn the corner to success.
dhsf 3:24 p.m. Gundy should feel good that he has done enough at OSU that the other colleges actually want him.
boomer 3:25 p.m. he's a MAN and he not 40 any more
Alum in AZ 3:26 p.m. SEC teams succeed with cupcake NC schedule. Big12 is tougher top to bottom. Tough NC is not needed. WInning Big12 games and whoever is on your schedule is what matters. OU would be in BCS this year if they didn't schedule ND this year.
JMan 4OSU 3:27 p.m. Look at Holder in contrast to who has won the most National Championships. Should that not be a consideration by Coach Gundy?
dhsf 3:27 p.m. Alum in AZ I agree but Stoops does not like the cupcake stuff
Alum in AZ 3:28 p.m. Students would rather have a home NC game than a neutral site game
JMan 4OSU 3:28 p.m. Norte Dame game proved OU was NOT a BCS bowl team. Aren't you tired of OU losing BCS bowl games yet?
Alum in AZ 3:28 p.m. Let;s define cupcake - Savannah State isn't even a cupcake. THey don't count. THat was an aberration.
dhsf 3:30 p.m. Jealous does not look good on anyone. OU gets there and OSU has gotten there one time. OU was beaten by KSU #5 and Notre Dame #1 hmmmmmm....
CL 3:30 p.m. JMan, obviously they are tired of losing BCS games -- They were going to negotiate themselves out of the Fiesta if they were invited!
dhsf 3:30 p.m. OSU needs to quit playing all the home games and prove it on the road!
JMan 4OSU 3:31 p.m. LOL.
JMan 4OSU 3:31 p.m. Good job guys!
JDL 3:34 p.m. I'm a old guy and have watched OU and OSU for many years. Grad from OSU in 1955. Mike Gundy is the best thing that has happened at OSU in it's history. I live in Houston and OSU and Gundy are very highly respected down here. I think OSU fans and OU fans all know Gundy is a good coach and man. He makes changes when necessary and has stayed with the program and built it up too where it can win any game it plays. Class act and ESPN agrees.
NewsOK 3:35 p.m. Thanks for tuning in. Sorry we didn't get to all of your questions. Check out tomorrow's paper for more on this story.


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