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Oklahoma State Fair teaches life lessons

The Oklahoma State Fair teaches about agriculture, fun and the circle of life.
BY CARRIE COPPERNOLL Published: September 21, 2011

I'd never seen piglets until I went to the Oklahoma State Fair.

I mean, I've seen them on television and in movies, but I'd never seen a 1-day-old piglet in person until I sauntered past the Barnyard Birthing Center at the fair a few days ago.

I'm not going to lie: they're a little squirrely looking.

They teeter around on their tiny hooves and haven't quite grown into their skin. A piglet looks like a tiny drunk person wearing a bigger man's clothes. I eyed them suspiciously and thanked my lucky stars I wasn't there to see them actually being born.

Then one of them yawned, and I was won over. I didn't care how baggy their skin was.

The fair tricks me into learning something every year. They lure me in with pizza-on-a-stick and cinnamon rolls. I think that's the same way my mother tricked me into going to kindergarten.

In years past, I've learned things like wallet chains are a fashion requirement and that anything — anything — can be fried.

This year, I felt like I learned so much about the cycle of life from animal exhibits throughout the fair.

For example, you can see butterflies hatching out of their cocoons inside AGtropolis and then wander through the Butterfly House, which is filled with 15,000 flittering butterflies from around the world.

You can find pigs in so many forms at the fair: newborn piglets, racing pigs, show pigs, chocolate-covered bacon.

It's hatching chicks, the rooster puppet show, exotic chickens, roasted vanilla chicken feet. It's show cattle, bull riding, the $8 roast beef sundae.

It's the circle of life, people. Thank you, state fair, for giving us the education of a lifetime.