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Oklahoma State football: Details on offensive coordinator search could be revealed after Signing Day

The Oklahoman's OSU beat writer Gina Mizell took questions from readers in today's Power Lunch Chat. Join our Power Lunch Chats Monday-Friday at 11:30 a.m. on Here's a look at today's Q&A.
BY GINA MIZELL Modified: February 5, 2013 at 11:45 am •  Published: February 5, 2013

The Oklahoman's OSU beat writer Gina Mizell took questions from readers in today's Power Lunch Chat. Join our Power Lunch Chats Monday-Friday at 11:30 a.m. on Here's a look at today's Q&A.

Gina Mizell 10:55 a.m. Hey all, welcome to another OSU Power Lunch live chat. Happy Signing Day Eve! We're getting ready for tomorrow's big day, but I'll be happy to answer your questions about recruiting, football, hoops, etc. Fire away.
Guest 10:59 a.m. Hey Gina in what should be a wide open Big 12 race next season what has to happen for the OSU football team to win their second championship in 3 years?
Gina Mizell 11:02 a.m. You're right in it being a wide open league next season, particularly because of the depature of so many excellent starting quarterbacks. For OSU to be in contention, the secondary obviously needs to play much better. No more 10-yard cushions for the receiver to catch the ball. Jeremy Smith I think will step up for Randle just fine, but he can't get banged up and be hobbled for a stretch of the season like he has the past two years. And Quinn Sharp will need to be replaced...check out our story from Monday about Ben Grogan to get a glimpse of the signee who could do that.
harry man 11:03 a.m. recruiting on wednesday. Bet the daily oklahoman will be buzy trying to piece together stories from these 18 years...Who is the best Who is a surprise recruit, who what and where. let it BEGIN
Gina Mizell 11:05 a.m. Basically our entire sports staff will be all over the state (and out of state...I'll be in the DFW metroplex) to visit as many signing ceremonies as we can. As far as OSU's class...the best is one of the WRS--Ateman, Ross or Samples (though Ross could be a last-minute flip to Miss. State). The surprise, I suppose, is either Vili Levini, who flipped from Utah over the weekend, or Dawson Bassett, the younger brother of Cooper who didn't have any major offers until OSU gave him one last week.
Jay 11:06 a.m. I know you aren't the basketball beat writer...BUT there are a lot folks that dislike Travis Ford. While we liked the win on Saturday it, in a way, was a blow to our hopes to ditch Ford. The other side of the coin is maybe he makes a great stretch run and some other school wants to pick him up? Thoughts?
Gina Mizell 11:11 a.m. I still watch every basketball game. Anyway, I suppose some fans could think that way. But barring some sort of meltdown at Tech, TCU, etc., I think this team is a virtual lock for the NCAA Tournament if it can hold up its end at home. Heck, OSU could be in contention to finish second in the conference. Which means Ford isn't going anywhere. There's always a chance other schools show interest--there always seems to be some out-of-the-blue coaching hire each offseason--if the Cowboys make a strong stretch run, but with Stevie Clark coming in next season, I think it would have to be a VERY good opportunity for Ford to bolt.
Brian 11:11 a.m. Any word on the OSU offensive coordinator search?? Is there a search, or do you think Gundy had someone in mind and we might hear this week?
Gina Mizell 11:12 a.m. This search has been really tough to crack--and trust me, I've been trying for weeks. Gundy (and the other coaches) have been out of the office so much recruiting that it's hard for anybody to get a gauge. One staff member told me that he had never heard Jason Ray's name until the official announcement. I think we will see movement on this soon after Signing Day, once Gundy gets off the road.
Guest 11:13 a.m. Chris- Wow Jay nice comment. Do you think that OSU hangs onto Fred Ross??- I really like this class rated #25 on rivals and ESPN. Scout has at 15!
Gina Mizell 11:15 a.m. Always hard to tell with 17-18-year old kids. But he was OSU's first commitment of this class, and I'd be a bit surprised if he switched this late. But, again, who knows? It is shaping up to be a good class. OSU has attracted top talent at WR (which is should, based on the offense), got two RBs like it wanted and filled needs at OL and DB.
Guest 11:15 a.m. Do newspeople ever cheer in the pressbox? I know the media are supposed to be unbiased but does it happen?
Gina Mizell 11:18 a.m. Out-of-the-box question, but I'll bite. Yes, it happens. And it's very annoying when it does because it's unprofessional. The press box is a working environment. If someone wants to cheer, go out in the stands. But, more often than not, it's people who work for the specific teams that cheer--and usually it's an accident. The last play when Iowa State beat OSU in Ames was a perfect example. The Cyclone staff went nuts. I have never cheered in a press box, even when I was an Arizona State student covering Arizona State games. You just don't do it.
Gina Mizell 11:19 a.m. Got time for a couple more questions.
Chris 11:22 a.m. If you had to predict does Marcus Smart win National Player of the Year honors?
Gina Mizell 11:26 a.m. I say no, because he didn't have enough national buzz going into the season. Guys like Zeller and Plumlee play for traditional powers and were household names to college hoops fans heading into the season. Smart, while a highly touted recruit known in the Big 12, was not. That said, his performance on a stage like Lawrence certainly boosted his status, not to mention the game-winner and halfcourt heave against Iowa State. Moments like that creates buzz. He'll of course need to finish the season strong. I think he is absolutely in the running for Big 12 POY or national Freshman of the Year--perhaps the frontrunner right now.
harry man 11:26 a.m. golden state or thunder up on wednesday night. WHO Ya taking? i like golden state
Gina Mizell 11:26 a.m. Thunder.
Big Nazo 11:28 a.m. What does your gut tell you? Do we land Fred Ross or not?
Gina Mizell 11:29 a.m. Yes. Again, he's been committed to OSU for nearly a year. Hard to fault him for at least considering his options, but I see him still winding up in Stillwater unless Miss. St. just knocked his socks off.
Gina Mizell 11:31 a.m. Ok, everyone. That's all the time I have for today. Thanks so much for joining. Hope you soak up all our Signing Day coverage tomorrow. We'll have stories. We'll have videos. We'll have photos. We'll have live chats. Oh, and there's a home basketball game tomorrow too. Wild and busy OSU day! I'll be checking in frequently from the DFW tomorrow.


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