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Oklahoma State football: Mike Gundy has no plans to reveal starting quarterback any time soon

BY GINA MIZELL Published: April 20, 2013

“I don't think there is any doubt that we would prefer that (Mississippi State) not know exactly what to work on,” Gundy said. “They have all of our video and we have theirs. There is no secrets there.

“But it's better for us if people don't really know exactly what we are doing and it does make a difference in who we open with. There is no question about that.”

But the bottom line is Gundy has three capable Big 12 quarterbacks that all passed for more than 1,000 yards a season ago. That's both a luxury and a predicament.

All three quarterbacks rotated Saturday, with none putting up particularly eye-popping numbers in a 17-7 scrimmage that was dominated by defense. Chelf went 17-for-24 for 204 yards and a touchdown, Walsh 13-for-23 for 123 yards, one touchdown and one interception and Lunt 15-of-27 for 122 yards, no touchdowns and one interception.

There were a couple highlight plays — a 30-yard touchdown pass dropped nicely by Chelf into Josh Stewart's grasp near the sideline and a strike from Walsh to Blake Webb on a crossing route for 14-yard score. But Gundy admitted the Cowboys went vanilla, primarily because a lack of depth at other positions — offensive line, most notably — hampered the fast pace this offense thrives on and put players who don't normally line up together on the field at the same time.

Even if Gundy won't talk about the quarterbacks moving forward, he will continue to be asked about them.

So will the players. But Stewart isn't worried about who will take the first snap in the season opener.

“They could just draw something out of a bucket of who's going to start and we could just go with that,” he said. “We don't know. Whoever we roll with, we're going to be good with it.”

Hey, Josh, care to let us know the lucky winner if that happens?

“I gotta keep that a secret,” he said.

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