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Oklahoma State Football: New offensive coordinator Mike Yurcich arrives as a student more than a teacher

MIKE YURCICH — Those expecting Mike Yurcich to put his mark on the Oklahoma State offense will have to wait awhile. The new Cowboys coordinator says he's coming to learn first.
By GINA MIZELL Published: March 7, 2013

What most impresses you about this system? Why is it so effective?

“The ability to move at a fast pace, the ability to tempo the defense is striking. The ability to score fast, to score plenty. And at the same time, to be able to do those two things and have ball security at a premium are the things that really strike me about this offense.”

Has Gundy expressed wanting to have a starting quarterback identified by the end of the spring? Is that what you want?

I'm not going to make any predeterminations and that sort of thing. We are going to let it all play out and see where we are at that point.”

The YouTube video of you diagramming plays with Star Wars Legos circulated pretty quickly. What's the story behind that?

It was our campus TV station that was putting me on, and they asked me to interview. I showed up at the TV station and the guy there had that table all set up for me and he wanted to go through the trick play that we ran at Homecoming for a touchdown against Kutztown. So he had R2D2 — and I don't even know what other characters were there — but they were all lined up and he wanted me to go through that, so I obliged. I thought it was harmless at the time, but social media nowadays, you never know what is going to pop up.”

Have you used that tactic again? Would you?

“Hey, whatever works. If it means we are going to score a touchdown, then yeah, sure, I will use Legos.”

What are you most looking forward to about Monday's first practice?

“Just getting out there and watching the guys go and getting in the flow of things. There's a feeling you get when you hit the field as a coach. It makes you feel alive and that feeling, it's just an ‘it' thing. I don't know what it is about getting on the field and hearing the noises and smelling the smells. It's just a lot of fun for me and I can't wait to do it.”