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Oklahoma State football: Sports Illustrated report chat transcript

FROM STAFF REPORTS Modified: September 13, 2013 at 5:00 pm •  Published: September 13, 2013

NewsOK Sports Editor Mike Sherman and his team chatted with readers Friday about the Sports Illustrated reports that claim several OSU football players received payment for performance and no-show jobs, participated in academic misconduct and used drugs. Part 4 of the installment also claims some hostesses for the Orange Pride program had sex with recruits as a way of enticing them to come to OSU. Below is an unedited transcript of the chat.

Mike Sherman 2:37 p.m. Greetings folks. I'm really sorry for the delay (seems to be a lot of those today). Ours was technical. Let's go.
Patrick 2:37 p.m. Given the four-hour delay in posting it and the poorly edited quality (there was text cut-off mid-sentence for crying out loud) doesn't it appear laughably obvious that SI is in recovery mode now that ESPN has exposed some of the lies that were told by some of their "sources?"
Mike Sherman 2:38 p.m. There's a problem with promoting stuff like this. If you say something is going to be posted at 8 a.m. after 10 months of investigating it, and you don't post it on time, people start asking questions.
Guest 2:38 p.m. Do you think no one is jumping in right now because they are laughing to hard at the story to type?
Mike Sherman 2:39 p.m. Not so. We actually had a problem because it appeared we had exhausted our limit of CoverIt Live chats. That's been remedied, so let's chat away.
Guy 2:39 p.m. I'd like to see the DOK to a deep analysis of this SI story and the methods used to gain information. I think there are items there that the public thinks is illegal which aren't (like taping phone calls,) some items which seem unethical but may not be (talking to disgruntled former players,) and standards that journalists hold themselves to (2 sources on every story) that people don't know about. Should SI have tried to collaborate that Vernon Grant was paid with his family? I don't know but I think you have had that conversation in your newsroom. THAT is how the sausage is made, and THAT would serve the public good.
Mike Sherman 2:42 p.m. Should SI have tried to verify that information with Vernon's family? Yes. Should it have included their denials? Yes. Should we do a "deep" analysis of SI's story and methods? Don't hold your breath. I really can't see the value in that. For one, a deep analysis would require us to go to New York and interview all the people involved in the process. We're not going that expense for this. It's just not worth it, and I can't see doing something like that unless you're willing to go all in for it.
John 2:42 p.m. Has there been any response from SI to the ESPN reporting pointing out the discrepancies and obtaining the transcripts?
Guest 2:43 p.m. How long until DeForest is fired from West Virginia?
Mike Sherman 2:43 p.m. Given that he had been demoted after last season, there can't be a lot of job security.
Mike Sherman 2:44 p.m. Did anyone hear George Dohrman on the Jim Rome Show? I'm told he said the delay this morning was technical in nature.
Patrick 2:45 p.m. Do you think ESPN will continue digging to further discredit the SI series, or was that just Brett McMurphy throwing his alma mater a bone by getting the ball rolling?
Mike Sherman 2:46 p.m. Neither. I think McMurphy got a legitimate tip on a relevant news story and looked into it. Don't count on ESPN doing what Patrick suggested The Oklahoman do either.
Guest 2:46 p.m. If NCAA sanctions due come from this SI series I think it would be safe to say it is all because of the actions of DeForest. What is your take?
Mike Sherman 2:48 p.m. I think we're a long way from sanction talk. The legitimate current concerns for OSU based on this report are to my mind: 1) A qualified drug and alcohol counselor. 2) A four-strike drug policy. (Three is plenty); 3) DeForest's admission to SI that he paid player(s) to do work on his house.
Guest 2:49 p.m. Should some people be going to jail over this?
Mike Sherman 2:49 p.m. For what?
Jason 2:49 p.m. Since Berry Tramel wrote how OSU has to recruit higher character guys, can we compare the number of run ins with the law and program of OSU and OU to see the statistics please. Would he write a similar column about OU? I am not saying OSU is not guilty, just curious.
Mike Sherman 2:53 p.m. What Berry wrote is that Oklahoma State is now paying the price for in the past recruiting -- and I'm quoting him -- "a bunch of dumbasses." He didn't say OSU needed to recruit higher character guys. He simply stated the problem those recruits created for the Cowboys. That said, run-ins with police would be something you could compare. I suppose it would be worth looking into but not because of anything Berry wrote today.
tabron 2:53 p.m. Where is the assistant coach quoted on the cover? Think he comes out in the last installment?
Mike Sherman 2:54 p.m. Part 1

But outside of public view, Oklahoma State took extreme measures to recruit top players and keep them eligible. The results of SI's findings are part of a five-part series that begins in this issue of the magazine, continues on and culminates in next week's issue. "I knew this day was coming, and today is that day," said a former Cowboys assistant coach when told about SI's reporting. "It was a matter of time." OSU's transgressions included:

Read More:
Sam 2:54 p.m. If you wanted to find all these things happening at other schools anywhere is the past 15 years all you would have to do is dig. Why do you think they chose Oklahoma State?
Mike Sherman 2:55 p.m. Sports Illustrated's stated explanation (paraphrased): They wanted to look at a program on the rise. They had heard things about Oklahoma State.
Totalpoke 2:55 p.m. Why is Berry knocking OSU's recruiting? I thought one of the many stand up things about Coach Gundy was the fact he and his coaches targets the best character guys they possibly can? I guess Berry thinks the majority of guys recruited are less than stellar in the character category?
Mike Sherman 2:57 p.m. The guys quoted in this report are from the Les Miles era and Gundy's early recruiting classes. They don't exactly speak well for those classes, but you're right. Gundy has done a lot better in that regard in recent years. And Berry and others have pointed that out. I'm not sure Sports Illustrated hasn't.
Mike Sherman 2:57 p.m. And I apologize for a mistake I just made. That quote was not in Part 1. It was in The Overview.

"I knew this day was coming, and today is that day," said a former Cowboys assistant coach when told about SI's reporting. "It was a matter of time." OSU's transgressions included:

Read More:
Tom 2:58 p.m. It cant be becuase Berry went to OU-lives in took him to OU games.. any of those..
Mike Sherman 2:58 p.m. Sure isn't.
Lance 2:58 p.m. But Mike-- aren't there BETTER examples of a program on the rise?? I think OSU beat a team in 2005 in the Independence Bowl or something. Since then, that team has gone on to win 3 national titles. Isn't that a better example of a team QUICKLY rising?? Sounds more like someone with a pathological hatred of OSU just wanted to trash the school
Mike Sherman 3:00 p.m. Pathological hatred! Wow. Good stuff. Yes there were certainly other programs that could have been examined. Perhaps Alabama would not have been a good study because of it's tradition before that. I can't say why Sports Illustrated chose it. I'm only telling you what SI editors said.
Patrick 3:00 p.m. Instead of everyone ripping on OSU for not having a "qualified" drug counselor, why doesn't someone do a little research and see how many other programs have degreed drug counselors on staff? I think the counseling has more to do with experience and establishing relationships and understanding where these young men are coming from and how to help them rather than hanging a piece of paper on the wall. As a parallel, does everyone you employ as a journalist have a journalism degree?
Mike Sherman 3:04 p.m. No. Many journalists have a far more impressive degree than journalism. An economics degree comes in handy for a journalist covering business and markets. A degree in criminal justice comes in handy for journalists covering cops and courts. Same for education for journalists covering education. Minors in journalism are often sufficient, although I'm a journalism degree and I'm satisfied with how it has served me. If you can't see the problem with having an assistant strength coach handling drug counseling I'm not sure I can convince you. And since when is pointing out a problem someone else MIGHT have a solution to fixing something you can fix on your own? Strange logic.
Grannie 3:04 p.m. Today's installment is a non-story. Sex on a college campus? I agree with you Mike Sherman yesterday's story on drugs is the most troubling. I think pot is probably prevalent everywhere, but if NCAA says sanction it, OSU needs to do so. Thanks for these blogs, it helps me get a feel for the pulse of Oklahomans (both OU and OSU fans). Thanks!!
Mike Sherman 3:05 p.m. You're welcome. Sorry for the late start today.
Mark B 3:05 p.m. I think the problem is that he lied about his qualifications and was even taking a class to get certified to be a drug counselor. I think it is important in drug counseling for someone to have experience and qualifications for dealing with chemical dependence.
Bill 3:05 p.m. I believe the reason OSU was chosen was covered somewhere in the series. SI was considering such a topic about a school that had risen quickly, and it was Thayer Evans who suggested OSU, saying he "had been hearing things" about OSU. Did I dream that, or...
Mike Sherman 3:06 p.m. Might have been part of the video SI posted with Part 1. Obviously, I'm getting my parts a bit confused...
James 3:06 p.m. Berry isn't the problem here. He expressed an opinion. Anyone could find arguments with Berry's opinion. But I don't think he was showing bias.
Matt 3:06 p.m. Gina tweeted about a third person being added to the byline in Part 4. Do you know who she is and her position at SI? Opinion on whether her being included in this part was planned all along?
Mike Sherman 3:08 p.m. On a project this big, different people handle different elements. Perhaps she was someone who conducted interviews only for this part. Perhaps this is the only part that her reporting has been used through four parts. Jenni Carlson informed me that Melissa Segura was part of the intern program for the Association of Women in Sports Media. According to her LinkedIn profile, she's been with SI for 11 years and graduated from Santa Clara State.
Guest 3:09 p.m. I would like to see comments regarding the booster behavior in handing out handshake money and jobs where the student did not work. These people exist at every institution and are really pathetic people. They will do anything to get close to these athletes and teach the wrong lesson to these kids seeking to break the rules. It is disgusting and I'm surprised that more isn't said about the damage this behavior has on kids who have little direction in their lives.
Mike Sherman 3:10 p.m. Some people just like to be around excitement and look forward to associate themselves with it. And sometimes the way to do that is money. However, some people also see themselves as helping young people who could use a hand. To them, a couple hundred dollars here and there don't hurt anyone. Except it's against NCAA rules and can get the athlete and school in hot water....
Dont Shoot the Messenger 3:11 p.m. It's apparent that there is a lot of anger among OSU fans regarding this series. But, generally speaking, do they even know what they are angry about? I don't have a question to ask, but here is a piece that everyone who is blasting SI and Thayer Evans needs to read with an open mind:
Mike Sherman 3:13 p.m. I'm pretty sure they know what they're angry about, but thanks for passing that link along. I heard about that and haven't had a chance to read it yet.
Jason 3:13 p.m. How long do you think it will be before we hear an OSU rebuttal or the results of the OSU and NCAA investigation?
Mike Sherman 3:14 p.m. Rebuttal: You're starting to hear it here and there. Marilyn Middlebrook spoke Wednesday. The investigations: That will take months.
J from Atlanta 3:14 p.m. In the video interviews on SI, it appears Marcus Richardson is being interviewed in a prison/jail visiting area. Is anybody able to verify this is a jail or if he's incarcerated? If so, I believe this would be very damaging to the credibility of the interview.
Mike Sherman 3:15 p.m. I don't know the answer to that but I thought the same thing. My guess is that part 5, the aftermath, will focus on what has happened to the players interviewed in the series. And that's when we'll find out what these guys are doing now. It sure looked like a visiting room at a prison.
JY 3:15 p.m. Berry said: "So Gundy and Co. have a decision to make. Quit recruiting numskulls, or be prepared to deal with them in a better way."
Tom 3:15 p.m. Will the DOK do any followup articles on what really happened with people like Bo Bowling- isnt that a positive thing?
Tom H. 3:16 p.m. My thoughts after article 4: Some of these guys may be telling the truth, but almost all of them got kicked off the team or released and did not finish school at OSU. Look for dirt with the dirt bags, and you may find it, but people with an axe to grind won't always tell the truth either. Hey, I should be in the NFL right now is probably what a lot of these guys think, and instead of blaming themselves, they blame OSU. SI went looking for trouble with the trouble makers, and they found it. Evans gave these guys an open forum to say things that can never be proven true or false. Can Vernon Grand or Darrent Williams ever defend themselves against the words SI put out against them, no. I can however guarantee, SI has already got what they wanted: Press and page clicks. It has been proven though, SI did not get the other side of the story or many facts. Again, they have already got what they wanted. Damn the collateral damage. This story could have been done about any college in the country.
Guest 3:17 p.m. everyone has a right and responsibility to question what they hear and read from the media. This is a case in point. Suspicious sources and more inaccuracies than actual facts makes this series silly and pointless. Unless your point is to sell magazines. I'm not angry, but I am aggravated that a series like this is published with no apparent recourse.
Mike Sherman 3:20 p.m. No one is above scrutiny. Any journalist who is put off by the reaction to this series or any other investigation into people or institutions that someone holds dear has their head in the sand. Any reader with an Internet connection can research a reporter's background and previous work. It's fair game.
Nancy 3:20 p.m. I suggest that having a high profile coach such as Les Miles contributed to SI's selection of Oklahoma State as the "team on the rise" to investigate. Will LSU participate in any follow-ups to these articles?
Mike Sherman 3:21 p.m. Nancy, Les is a two-time national champion coach. So yes, his involvement draws in readers from SEC country and makes the story more relevant nationally. But Oklahoma State is more relevant nationally. Can't say what LSU is going to do.
JY 3:21 p.m. The recourse was to stop clicking on and reading the story from SI, and instead read the Daily OK's coverage of the stories:)
Mike Sherman 3:22 p.m. Actually, I would recommend reading both, but thanks.
Patrick 3:22 p.m. If OSU finds that there have been some relatively minor violations, do you think there is a possibility they might self-impose some minor penalities like reducing a few scholarships or something?
Mike Sherman 3:24 p.m. I heard Al Eschbach mention that on the radio last night. It's possible, but my question is how recent allegations that would justify NCAA scrutiny are. There's a four-year statute of limitations unless there's a pattern of violations that traces back.
Tom 3:25 p.m. Do you think this will limit how coaches let players talk to the media in the future, since its hard to trust reporters?
Mike Sherman 3:26 p.m. I think coaches distrust the media in general and specifically trust reporters they trust. It's up to each individual journalist to merit that trust.
Mike Sherman 3:27 p.m. Now that's an interesting Twitter post.
JY 3:27 p.m. I think Artrell might have issues that require counseling.
tabron 3:27 p.m. George Dorhman says the smoking gun is the drug counseling. Do you see a smoking gun? If so, what is it?
Mike Sherman 3:28 p.m. I think drug counseling is a problem not a smoking gun. I see problems for OSU to fix. We all have problems. Progress is moving on to a new set of problems.
Tom 3:28 p.m. Thank you
Mike Sherman 3:28 p.m. You're welcome, Tom.
Eric S. 3:29 p.m. Today, it's a fact that Sports Illustrated did not do a good job of checking backgrounds and back stories of some of the players. OSU will undoubtedly take a national pr hit for this. The average fan will say they have alot of problems. In your opinion, does SI take a credibility hit for the pointed inconsistencies and failures to talk to people like middlebrook? I'm surprised a Pulitzer winner would not have made sure his team's information was not vetted.
Mike Sherman 3:32 p.m. A national PR hit? I don't know. But when you're making allegations about anyone you had better be right. When you are working on something for 10 minutes or 10 months, you have the responsibility to be fair and accurate. That's the job. People make mistakes. I'm going to be interested to see what Sports Illustrated does to specifically address verified inaccuracies like the one Brett McMurphy pointed out yesterday. Our policy is to run a Setting It Straight and fix it online.
JY 3:32 p.m. Artrell is going to have to come up with some evidence before his tweet is believable.
Mike Sherman 3:32 p.m. You have a point. At this point who really knows what to believe from Artrell Woods.
Patrick 3:32 p.m. Very interesting post by Artrell. Seems more an indictment of Evans than of OSU at this point. As an OSU alum, I could come closer to forgiving Artrell than a lot of the other guys that have turned on them. He's had a rough road and probably has some physical problems to face the rest of his life. I hope he gets the help he needs, but he needs to lay off the "I need to get paid" stuff.
Walter W, ABQ 3:33 p.m. Has anyone from DOK contacted Wes Lunt, Luke Del Rio, or Fred Ross about whether they were contacted by anyone from SI about this story prior to transferring or decommitting from OSU? Del Rio probably decommitted before this story was underway, but I believe the other two left within the 10-month window.
Mike Sherman 3:35 p.m. I'm not sure when the first clue Oklahoma State had of the Sports Illustrated investigation. Some of the people interviewed said SI approached them pitching a "where are they now" story. If that's the case, how would Lunt, Del Rio or Ross know? I doubt this had anything to do with their decisions. Seriously doubt.
Barry 3:35 p.m. Marcus Richardson- 15 years in prison!
Walter W, ABQ 3:36 p.m. I'm not buying that Artrell Woods tweet. Looks like a hoax to me. The pic is a dead giveaway.
Guest 3:36 p.m. The Artrell Woods account is almost assuredly fake, though whoever made it hasn't marked it as such
Mike Sherman 3:36 p.m. Like I said, who knows what to believe now.
Darryl 3:36 p.m. I think that is a fake Artrell Woods account.
steve 3:37 p.m. quote from SI "It may not shock people, but I think it's worth pointing out, this is what a football factory does," said George Dohrmann, one of three names in the byline for Friday's story, in an interview on CBS Sports Radio. "They use women in this way." Si uses women daily on their website and SI swimsuit issue
Guest 3:38 p.m. I am thrilled that they consider us a program on the rise. That couldn't have been said 15 years ago...!
Grannie 3:38 p.m. My friends, longtome subscribers, received their copy of SI in the mail Wednesday. They mailed it back, with instructions to cancel their subscription and why. They are also going to target advertisers and let them know they will not patronize them until they stop advertising with SI. Maybe more people should do that!
Ed 3:38 p.m. So I ask you as a journalist - if you are going to quote Furr don't you also add that he was kicked off the team and later charged with felony drug possesion - not calling him a liar but as a journalist don't you have to mention that for complete reporting....
Mike Sherman 3:41 p.m. My biggest problem with the series has been the lack of context: Who are these guys? Where are they now? What was their OSU career like? Where they stars, reserves? Did they play? Were they kicked off the team? How could that not be mentioned at least in passing? When did allowing people to make allegations about someone else not require some explanation of their qualifications for making the charges? If they are stars, their allegations carry more weight. If they were kicked off the team, probably a little less.
TKJ 3:41 p.m. Went back in the archives, looks like Thayer Evans wrote for the Oklahoman at one time!?!?
Mike Sherman 3:43 p.m. Indeed. Thayer was a part-time reporter on the news side before I got here, which was in 2003. He did some freelance work for sports, maybe a dozen or so stories when he was based in Houston. Most of them involved some high school commitment.
Sharyn 3:43 p.m. Why did they wait 4 hours to release it? made it look like they had some serious backpedaling going on.
Mike Sherman 3:43 p.m. SI said the delay was for technical reasons.
Mark 3:44 p.m. From a journalist standpoint do you think it is okay to mislead your interview subject about what the story is about? I know its not a huge deal either way. Just curious.
Mike Sherman 3:45 p.m. If I was trying to find out where a terrorist attack was going to be made: Without a doubt. Depends on the importance of the information, but generally I'd discourage it.
steve 3:46 p.m. How long have you guys at the DOK know about this story?
Mike Sherman 3:46 p.m. I first heard about it late Friday night. We had a story in Sunday's editions.
Bill 3:46 p.m. Good point at 3:41. Thanks
steve 3:47 p.m. Is this why Fox decided to carry the Lamar game so they could talk about it?
Mike Sherman 3:47 p.m. Fox made that decision before anyone knew about the SI report.
Arby 3:47 p.m. Do you believe that it was for technical reasons?
Mike Sherman 3:48 p.m. Berry Tramel does not.

The latest Sports Illustrated installment is out, and it clearly was hastily edited after the disastrous Thursday that SI experienced with Part III. How do we know?
For one, the other installments were released shortly after 8 a.m., giving maximum shelf life for the internet day, which typically is during work hours. Most people don’t want to surf the web on their own time, they want to do it on the boss’ time. And Fridays have less shelf life than the previous four days, since people often start their weekends earlier. So getting a story posted as early as possible is optimum. Yet the Sex installment didn’t post until 11:45 a.m. or so.
Also, the installment had two clear construction errors. The end of a sentence was misplaced and run as a separate paragraph. And the words “had have” were used together; someone obviously added one of the words but neglected to take out the other. Not a huge mistake, but SI’s copy is usually pristine. When you hurry, or are on a time crunch, those things happen.
Dorothy 3:48 p.m. What are you thoughts about the outcome of the SI reports?
Mike Sherman 3:50 p.m. Taking OSU at its word, it will investigate. The NCAA will look into relevant allegations. There will be some changes (drug counseling changes) and OSU might even decide to increase its outreach to former players. I don't know what it's current program is to help former players try to finish their education, but the are programs like that at some universities. We could see something like that. I do not think it will result in serious NCAA sanctions.
BRIAN WICK 3:51 p.m. Granted we are not out of September yet but after seeing a the Tech/TCU game last night, what are your thoughts on the Big 12 race?
Mike Sherman 3:51 p.m. I'm staying with my OSU pick, but that Nov. 2 game in Lubbock looms a little larger, doesn't it.
Mike Sherman 3:51 p.m. TCU's season is fizzling a bit.
Eric S. 3:52 p.m. Do you think the series so far has been fair and accurate?
Mike Sherman 3:52 p.m. Context. Where's the context.
nm 3:52 p.m. I dont see that the sex portion has any legs if not tied to coaches. Adolescents having consenual sex on campus, surely not! Looking forward to getting back to football discussion. Looks like T Tech is for real. What do you think the atmosphere will be like in Austin, if Texas looses Saturday?
Mike Sherman 3:54 p.m. Can Mack's seat get any hotter? I doubt it. An report today said DeLoss Dodds is retiring at the end of the year. If that's true, I'm guessing Mack will be leaving too, but I can't see anything happening to Mack during the season.
Barry 3:54 p.m. Notice they use the phrase " an ex-assistant coach" but never say the name. I don't think they talked to any former coaches.
Mike Sherman 3:55 p.m. We've been wondering which former assistant coach they talked to. The problem with unnamed sources is they prompt questions like yours. There will be some people who just don't believe you.
Lance 3:55 p.m. I liked Berry's latest allegation dissection. Do you think Berry is right that the public relation battleship has turned in OSU's favor?
Mike Sherman 3:58 p.m. It certainly has not turned in Sports Illustrated's favor, but who expected that it would? This has not been the finest hour for that fine publication to which I have subscribed for most of the time I've been able to read -- insert editor joke here.
Brian 3:58 p.m. I read the article about Artrell Woods, I think you might have jumped the story! I don't feel like I need to read it now. How sure is the DOK that is centers around Woods?
Mike Sherman 3:58 p.m. It's fake. Sorry that Tweet and comment made it into this chat.
Big G 3:58 p.m. Mike, all these people "shooting the messenger" are missing one key component...even if he hates OSU, does that make it untrue?
Mike Sherman 4:00 p.m. It does not. But Thayer's previous writing about Oklahoma State raised questions before the project started. Then the lack of context about who exactly was making these charges, the inaccuracy concerning Fath Carter and other denials from those interviewed started surfacing. It started adding up.
Brian 4:01 p.m. no, not the tweet the Artell Woods is angry story in the DOK...
Mike Sherman 4:02 p.m. The O'Colly -- the Oklahoma State student newspaper -- talked to Artrell Woods. That's where that came from.
steve 4:02 p.m. What do you think prompted ESPN to research information on Carter. Do you think they had the same concerns that you voiced about context? Will universities hand over graduation info if requested.
Mike Sherman 4:02 p.m. I think ESPN was acting on a tip. Universities can tell you if someone graduated, that's it.
Big G 4:03 p.m. By the way, Mike...You know what the SEC teams are saying about OSU with these articles? "ROOKIES"
Mike Sherman 4:03 p.m. Funny
Jeff 4:03 p.m. Why not do your own "5 part series" showing all the errors and misquotes/context issues having interviews with the local/available people? Get first hand interviews ON TAPE.
Mike Sherman 4:03 p.m. Seems excessive.
Big G 4:04 p.m. How did ESPN get graduation and transcript information...that cannot be released to media! Could it be that McMurphy got some inside help being a former Cowboy?
Mike Sherman 4:05 p.m. That's the only way he got it. Tatum Bell is probably the best source for Tatum Bell's transcript.
Big G 4:05 p.m. Getting ready to hear this: "now introducing the next head football coach at the University of Texas, Nick Saban!" Texas has the money to make it happen, Alabama is in trouble with their own allegations.
Mike Sherman 4:06 p.m. There will be a who's who of college coaches involved in the rumors once the Mack Watch begins.
Ed 4:06 p.m. Rome was pretty much a puppet today in his interview - it was just another outlet for Dohrman to speak. In Rome's intro OSU was referred as"okiejuana"
Lance 4:06 p.m. Mike, Do you think that Sports Illustrated will ever admit that they dropped the ball. They're currently denying everything, including the Fath Carter stuff. It was reported that Tatum gave them his transcript, he was the tip.
Mike Sherman 4:08 p.m. If Sports Illustrated made mistakes -- and it appears the Fath Carter stuff was a verifiable mistake -- I expect it to correct it. Whatever is proven incorrect, I'd expect SI to disclose that. Nothing more, nothing less.
Bill 4:08 p.m. Won't be Saban. Texas will need someone with ties to the State of Texas, and the optimum candidate will be Art Briles. He knows every FB coach in the State.
guest 4:08 p.m. Nick Saban won't go to Texas, he hates the spread and the BIG XII owns the spread and up tempo
Tom 4:08 p.m. Do you think its time to review how college atheletes are compensated. Remember when pro s couldnt play in the Olympics. Isnt it time for a change or at least a review. I think Jason Whitlock makes valid points, some of these guys are used for their talents(at all colleges).
Mike Sherman 4:09 p.m. Good point. That's another impact of this series. It will be another log on that fire. The conversation is ongoing.
Lance 4:09 p.m. I meant Tatum gave his transcript to ESPN, don't think that was clear.
Guest 4:10 p.m. From Berry: "SI quotes OSU psychology professor Melanie Page as asking why beautiful women are necessary to act as hostesses. She makes the completely valid point that women are objectified." Completely disagree that her point is valid. Her point is that even if it is consensual, they are being used and implies that because they are blinded by the need for a self esteem boost, they don't realize it. In her attempt to defend women, she demeaned us even more. So aggravating.
Mike Sherman 4:11 p.m. Thanks for making that point.
Ed 4:11 p.m. Sorry if this has already been posted but OrangeBloods here in Austin say Deloss Dodds is retiring at the end of this year...
Mike Sherman 4:11 p.m. Thanks
Leslie 4:12 p.m. You will have to check this out as well. Docs fromt he university are posted.
Mike Sherman 4:12 p.m. So who was asking why the national media still hasn't questioned the facts of the story?
Tom H. 4:12 p.m. He may hate the spread, but who wouldn't love a few extra million that Alabama can't pay? He can get some of the best recruits in the country to stop the spread, and never leave the state.
Darryl 4:12 p.m. Your thoughts on Seymour Shaw 's comment being proven false (about being paid by OSU while in high school but he signed with OU) and he's hasn't been in the articles since then as well as Fath' Carter's comments being proven wrong and today he isn't anywhere in this article?
Mike Sherman 4:14 p.m. Seymour Shaw is backing away from his comments. I reserve judgment on what he is quoted as saying and what he's saying. It will be interesting to see if Sports Illustrated releases the audio of that interview. Who knows what the truth is there?
Guest 4:15 p.m. Mike, I don't have a journalism background but am puzzled at the lack of paper trail investigation. Why not check the Norris property records on the rent house issue in the first article? Why not ask for transcripts to back up allegations? I had an SI subscription for years because of its excellent writing and am really astounded at the holes in this series of stories.
Mike Sherman 4:19 p.m. Sports Illustrated could have asked the former players it interviewed to supply their transcript, probably could have even pitched in the $10 to pay for a copy. Then they could have compared classes, professors, etc. They could have examined the courses to verify claims that players were put in easy course work. That would have required a different level of cooperation from these sources, of course. But it would have been a potential paper trail. This really isn't a document-based story. I was impressed by the Yahoo! Sports report on SEC players and agents that came out Wednesday. I was looking at documents on my Iphone. But this isn't really that kind of story and I don't think the comparison is applicable.
Guest 4:19 p.m. What do you think is the reason that Yahoo has gained such a huge lead in this area of journalism (this week being another example)? Is it leadership and/or culture? Straight paying more for talent?
Mike Sherman 4:22 p.m. Talent drives it. Yahoo! Sports has hired some top-notch investigative reporters. It's got a fine staff of reporters, too. Those guys break all kinds of stories. I'm impressed. Leadership has something to do with it too, but the Yahoo! Sports success is built on good hires. Dave Morgan, the former Los Angeles Times sports editor now running USA Today Sports, and his right-hand man Gerry Ahern, also now at USA Today, have a lot to do with that.
John California 4:22 p.m. Mike..who do you think that this 4th installment (Sex) was delayed? Wasn't it supposed to be released at 9:00 am Eastern? It was several hours late.
Mike Sherman 4:23 p.m. Berry thinks it was for editing. SI says it was for technical reasons. I don't know.
Kevin 4:23 p.m. Mike, Do you agree with Tramel that OSU shouldn't allow knuckleheads in the system, that attitude would have eliminated the likes of Doug Gottlieb, Eddie Sutton, Tony Allen and many others?
Mike Sherman 4:24 p.m. There are knuckleheads and then there are people who admit they were "borderline potheads" before they get to campus. No potheads -- borderline or otherwise. Someone who has experimented with pot can be redirected, can be someone who can represent the university. Someone who wants to smoke dope all day can do it on someone else's scholarship.
Guest 4:25 p.m. Sorry if it's been asked, but if SI is taking heat, why not release the tapes?
Mike Sherman 4:26 p.m. It will be interesting to see. I don't expect that they will.
Leslie 4:26 p.m. Just going to say...I prefer the unedited term he used other than knuckleheads :)
Mike Sherman 4:27 p.m. I've heard Berry Tramel say a bad word like maybe five times and not more than 10 in the more than 20 years I've known him. It's not something we're going to do very often. Good thing it didn't make the headline, right?
Kevin 4:27 p.m. Mike, don't you think SI will have to release the tapes when this is all said and done?
Mike Sherman 4:28 p.m. I really don't. I think those tapes were for legal purposes.
Guest 4:28 p.m. Do you think any former players will sue SI for libel, etc.?
Mike Sherman 4:28 p.m. I kind of doubt it.
steve 4:28 p.m. whats wrong with pot....................its legal in CO and WA
Mike Sherman 4:29 p.m. Well, it isn't legal in Oklahoma and a state institution shouldn't be recruiting people who make a habit of breaking the law. Concept seems elementary to me.
Kevin 4:29 p.m. I wouldn't allow pot heads either, I am going to give the benefit of the doubt to the coaches that they didn't know he was a pot head.
Mike Sherman 4:30 p.m. If they didn't know they need to improve their recruiting. If they didn't know they should have known. Do more reporting. This stuff is not hard to find out.
Patrick 4:30 p.m. Just read Berry's breakdown of Part 4. Berry has done a great job of objectively covering this whole thing, but I get the impression this last installment has maybe pushed him toward being pretty skeptical of it. He didn't seem much impressed with any the major points in Part 4.
Mike Sherman 4:30 p.m. It wasn't impressive. Thanks for the kind words about Berry's work.
steve 4:31 p.m. Did Gundy play the reserves too soon in the UTSA game?
Mike Sherman 4:31 p.m. Only if you had the Cowboys and were giving the points.
steve 4:31 p.m. btw I agree with you Mike on the pot
Guest 4:31 p.m. It appears that Evans wrote an article about LSU and hostesses that is very much along the same lines as the current SI story...thoughts?
Mike Sherman 4:31 p.m. I knew that. Do you think he was under any obligation to disclose that? I really don't but I'm interested what you all think.
Kevin 4:31 p.m. Mike, What do you think the big picture of this scandal will bring to OSU?
Mike Sherman 4:33 p.m. Some negative publicity. Some internal scrutiny that can't be bad. The NCAA on campus to look around. A new drug counselor. Perhaps more outreach to former players to talk about their OSU experience (Holder alluded to this in his comments). A fired-up, energized home crowd for an opener against a rum-dum opponent -- sorry Lamar.
Guest 4:33 p.m. ESPN hasn't been covering much of this in shows like OTL, PTI and ATH this week. Do you think they're holding back til next week, or because the articles haven't been that big a deal?
Mike Sherman 4:34 p.m. I think they're busy talking about the Alabama-Texas A&M, which they will be broadcasting.
TKJ 4:34 p.m. I heard on a CBS Sports radio station that Yahoo Sports is gathering documents from OSU and elsewhere to do an investigative piece, not on OSU athletics per se, but rather on how Sports Illustrated’s handling of their OSU story and will report on the deficiencies and lack of accuracy in S.I.’s articles. Have you heard this?
Mike Sherman 4:34 p.m. You just broke the news to me. I've been sitting here chatting for the last couple hours.
Patrick 4:34 p.m. What type of platform would you expect OSU to use in issuing it's response/rebuttal, assuming they do so? Press conference, posting to the web page they set up, other?
Mike Sherman 4:35 p.m. All of the above.
Grannie 4:35 p.m. Yesterday I said Mountain out of a Molehill. Today's installment was making a Mountain out of a grain of sand.
Mike Sherman 4:35 p.m. Folks, I'm going to wrap it up. Thanks for the comments. Enjoy your weekend.


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