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Oklahoma State football: What the 2011 Bedlam win meant to the Cowboys

BY GINA MIZELL, Staff Writer, Published: November 22, 2012

Defensive end Cooper Bassett: “We got out ahead and really just had control of the game throughout. Because of that, by the time the fourth quarter got around, you were a little bit more relaxed and kind of just enjoying the moment.”


Bassett: “My mom, my dad and my little brother rushed the field and found me. To share that with them, that's the thing that sticks out most about that game.”

Offensive lineman Lane Taylor: “You see it on TV — they rip down the goal posts and all that stuff. But to actually see it in your own stadium, and you caused it, was pretty cool.”

Lowe: “Boone Pickens came in (the locker room) and he was dancing. That's one memory I'm never going to forget. It was kind of similar to the Coach Gundy dance, but he had his own little swag to it.”


Gundy: “There's been a number of wins here that helped us take steps to get to the point where people respected us on an annual basis, and last year's win against Oklahoma is as big as any of them.”

Monken: “You can only hope that sometime when you're at a school, you can play the last game to win the league championship. What it means for so many people that have been here and living in the “Sooner” state. That's what it means more than anything. It's one thing to beat somebody (and you finish) 7-5. But when you beat them and it's for the (Big 12) championship and it's for a BCS game, of course that's what makes it special.”

Bassett: “I had people afterwards telling me their grandparents were crying at the end of the game. For people in Oklahoma, we don't have a pro football team. If you're a football fan, you either bleed crimson and cream, or you bleed orange and black. As a kid growing up (an OSU fan), it meant so much to me. I was either so jacked up to go to school the next Monday and wear all my orange, or I was dreading all the Boomer Sooner I was going to hear. So I know what it means to people.”