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Oklahoma State football: Will the Cowboys resort to trickery in matchup with Florida State?

Of all the factors that could boost a football team to an upset victory, there’s one element that usually enters the mix: surprise, courtesy of a trick play.
by Kyle Fredrickson Published: August 24, 2014

“I think we go about our preparation and look at matchups, and who we have to get the ball to and what our best advantageous looks (are) based on who they are,” Yurcich said. “Against a great defense like this, it’s harder to find those matchups. But you’re still looking for those and you’re still trying to execute the offense and plays that your guys know the best and that they’ve had the most practice at.”

That’s a philosophy that coach Mike Gundy stood by when asked about offensive tempo during OSU football media day in early August. He would like to see the Cowboys play fast, but within their grasp of understanding practice.

“In my opinion, the worst thing a coach can do is to ask players to perform and execute plays that they’re not capable of at this time,” Gundy said. “We just have to cut back and reduce and start from scratch until we develop these players.”

OSU coaches and players have said they started game planning for Florida State much earlier than for previous season openers. But it’s unknown if any trick plays were part of that picture. Whatever that plan may be, Yurcich says it’s fundamentally simple at its core.

“You have to be who you are, especially in games like this,” Yurcich said. “We plan to call the plays that we’ve been running for several weeks now.”