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Oklahoma State notebook: No bowl politicking from Mike Gundy

Gundy said: “They don't really listen. They've got a plan for what they want. The bowl committees are going to try to bring the teams that can sell the tickets and generate the most interest for their bowl, for whatever reason. And that can change year to year.”
By Gina Mizell Published: November 25, 2012

Blake Webb has backed up three different receiver spots for the Cowboys this season, and made his first-career start Saturday in Norman.

Webb has been valuable because of his ability to constantly move around the field and provide depth at the positions that have been depleted by injury. He began the season as an inside receiver, but has moved to the outside in recent weeks because Tracy Moore, Isaiah Anderson and Charlie Moore have all been hurt at various points this season.

“He's starting to get his second wind,” Gundy said, “where he's understanding college and the grind of college football and just everyday life We're excited about his future, but he's given us a lot. As we've had injuries at different positions this season, he's intelligent enough to learn multiple positions.”

Against OU, Webb tallied three catches for 20 yards.


OSU's next opponent, Baylor, became the ninth bowl-eligible Big 12 team Saturday with its 52-45 overtime victory over Texas Tech in Arlington.

That certainly isn't a surprise to Gundy, who has always lauded the conference's depth from top to bottom.

“You can have a league that has two or three or four teams that may be great, great teams, and then have some teams that are really struggling,” Gundy said. “But when you're in a league like this one, where you have a number of teams that can beat you on any given day, that they have enough skill — whether it be at the quarterback, the receiver spot, for whatever reason — it makes it more difficult to play in this league each week.”