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Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma City to offer safety course for three-wheelers

OSU-OKC will begin offering safety training for drivers of three-wheelers like the Can-Am Spyder in May. Three-wheelers are growing in popularity, especially among older riders.
BY BRYAN DEAN Published: February 25, 2013

Daniel Baker said he always wanted to ride with his father, who rode dirt bikes as a younger man. But Don Baker has physical limitations that kept him from buying a traditional motorcycle.

After Daniel Baker bought his Spyder, the elder Baker bought his own a few weeks later.

“I was afraid if I tried to ride a two-wheeler, I would lose my balance and turn it over,” Don Baker said. “This you don't have that problem at all. It's a lot more stable.”

Ruthann Baugh, director of OSU-OKC's safety and emergency preparedness center, said many older people are interested in three-wheelers for the same reason.

They also are bigger and more visible than traditional motorcycles.

OSU-OKC already offers a motorcycle safety course, and more than 900 people took the class last year, Baugh said.

Baugh said industry analysts have determined three-wheelers are the largest growth area in the motorcycle market.

“Their sales increase in 2011 was almost 12 percent,” Baugh said. “We had a lot of people come through our motorcycle course that also ride a three-wheeler, and it's completely different. That was something we couldn't find anywhere in the state, so we thought there was a demand.”

Those interested in the course can call 945-3208 or go to Baugh said courses will begin in May and will be at OSU-OKC's precision driving training center, 3501 W Reno Ave.