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Oklahoma State wrestler Chris McNeil made the most of college years

Cowboy will graduate with two degrees and several life experiences that go beyond his work on the mat.
By Gina Mizell Published: May 3, 2013

McNeil's group helped Busisiwie get her business registered as “Yakhanani Fresh Foods.”

“Here we come all the way from America to supposedly have all the right answers,” McNeil said, “And we're taking advice from her. … She would wake up an extra hour early each morning to make the dough because she knows it would rise an inch more, and people love that. That's the true definition of community service, and this is through small business.

“And in essence, that's what sent me back, just, literally, on fire to see what I could do for my university, the people I love, my family, my country.”

Since returning, McNeil has become heavily involved in OSU's entrepreneurship club as the Vice President of Fundraising. He helped connect the group with several other on-campus organizations to celebrate Oklahoma's “Black Wall Street” in February. Additionally, he has maintained a 3.65 GPA.

McNeil still hopes medical school is the next step on his academic journey. He plans to focus on a career in the emergency room because of the necessary teamwork that can save someone's life.

But most of all, McNeil wants to continue to “teach, preach and inspire.” He especially wants to encourage student-athletes to bring the same ambition they use in their sport to their schoolwork, career and family life.

And he's thankful for the complete college experience OSU has given him.

“Moving forward, what it's provided for me is just a sense of what OSU has been just as a community and not just simply an institution,” he said. “I've met some amazing people.”