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Oklahoma student who attended Democratic National Convention anticipates lifetime in politics

University of Central Oklahoma student Anna Langthorn is working in Oklahoma to elect Democrats in November.
BY STEVE GUST Published: October 6, 2012

“I tell my friends in blue states like New York or California that it's more interesting here,” she said. “You have to fight real hard.”

Her allegiance to Democrats is based on a few core beliefs.

“I want economic and social equality,” she said. “It doesn't scare me to have big government.”

She's involved in the state Senate District No. 15 race in Norman, helping candidate Claudia Griffith in her race against Republican Rob Standridge. She's also working for Kay Floyd in the state House District 88 race against Republican Aaron Kaspereit in Oklahoma City.

Langthorn said this won't be the end of her political involvement. In fact, she's looking at a lifetime commitment.

“While I don't rule out ever wanting to hold elected office, I certainly want to have some role in policymaking — perhaps as a lobbyist,” she said.