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Oklahoma tornadoes: After losing everything families find hope in volunteers

The owners of two houses destroyed by twisters 50 miles apart find hope in community outreach from friends, family and strangers.
BY MEGAN ROLLAND Published: May 26, 2011

Wednesday, physics professor Mark Winslow taught Neuenschwander's class at SNU.

“At first break some students just said we can't be here in class, we have to go help,” Winslow said. “They care a lot about him.”

So students and faculty from SNU joined the hundreds of people helping sift through what little remained of Neuenschwander's block.

About 50 miles southeast of Neuenschwander's home, another tornado tore into the small community of Goldsby.

Beller, the football coach at nearby Washington High School, said his family had closed the storm cellar door across the street from their house just seconds before the tornado passed.

“It was really a close call,” Beller said. His wife and two young children were safe in the cellar, but the house was destroyed.

He estimated 200 people came to help him pick through debris, including a number of former and current football players.

“To see those guys show up like they did,” Beller said. “It's almost overwhelming. They showed up to work and it really means a lot to me and my family.”