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Oklahoma voters limited to two choices

Published: May 9, 2012

The symbols of victory were purple-stained index fingers held aloft by crowds of joyous Iraqi citizens. That simple image marked the 2005 free elections held in Iraq after the downfall of Saddam Hussein. On that January day, 12 different political parties got enough votes to seat a representative in the new Iraqi National Assembly. Less than three months earlier, citizens of Oklahoma (some of whom fought to free Iraq from an oppressive regime) had been allowed only two candidates to choose from in the U.S. presidential election — George W. Bush or John Kerry.

Four years later your choices were again two: Barack Obama or John McCain. If you wanted some other choice, you were out of luck in Oklahoma. This year is hardly better. Once again, your choices for president will be limited by Oklahoma law. And your choices for all other offices will likewise continue to be restricted by the two major parties that have a stranglehold on the law, and your vote.

Please remember the raised, purple-stained fingers of those newly liberated people in Iraq exercising their right to vote for the candidates and parties of their choice. Ask your representatives why you don't have that same freedom in Oklahoma.

Clark Duffe, Edmond

Duffe is chairman of the Oklahoma Libertarian Party.