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Oklahomans aren't any more or less 'hypocritical' than other folks

by The Oklahoman Editorial Board Published: August 26, 2012

In truth, most of us are for and against big government. We're for the parts of it we like, against the parts we don't. This is true of liberals and conservatives. The hypocrisy hunters in our midst are quick to note inconsistencies among conservatives — and there are many — but they have trouble seeing them in liberals who want government to stay out of our bedrooms but have an even greater presence in our boardrooms and our emergency rooms, liberals who think the Patriot Act is an overreach but Obamacare is a blessing.

Oklahomans pay a hefty federal gasoline tax and get money back from Washington for transportation projects. We'd rather Washington use gas taxes for roads and bridges than for the California high-speed rail scheme, yet we'll take a federal grant to convert Bricktown Canal water taxis to run on electricity rather than gasoline.

Hypocrisy? Nope. If we didn't take that grant money, it would go to a similar project elsewhere, not to roads and bridges.

Yes, Oklahomans like it both ways. This proves nothing other than the fact that we're part of the human race. We are no more or less inconsistent — hypocritical, if you must — than the people of any other place.

by The Oklahoman Editorial Board
The Oklahoman Editorial Board consists of Gary Pierson, President and CEO of The Oklahoma Publishing Company; Christopher P. Reen, president and publisher of The Oklahoman; Kelly Dyer Fry, editor and vice president of news; Christy Gaylord...
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