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Oklahomans denied gun licenses are rarely prosecuted

Although the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation denies hundreds of handgun license applications each year, prosecutions are not common, an agency attorney said.
by Andrew Knittle Published: January 27, 2013

Applicants were denied the license for having “significant character defects … as evidenced by a misdemeanor criminal record indicating habitual criminal activity,” the report shows.

Fifteen people were denied a license because they didn't have a valid Oklahoma residence at the time the application was turned in.

Another 35 individuals were denied for failing to “comply in good faith with the provisions of the Oklahoma Self-Defense Act,” the report shows.

One person was somehow able to send their application off to the OSBI but failed to complete the required handgun safety course.

Jessica Brown, the bureau's spokeswoman, said felons trying to get a handgun license aren't prosecuted because there is nothing, specifically, in Oklahoma law that prevents a felon from trying to get a license.

Brown said an agency attorney indicated that a felon may not possess a firearm, but that there is “no mention concerning applying for a license being a crime.”