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Oklahomans in the NFL: Fast facts

Observations about the players with Oklahoma ties who are on NFL rosters or are NFL free agents
BY MIKE BALDWIN Published: July 30, 2012

Observations from 89 players with Oklahoma ties who are on NFL rosters or are free agents. There are Okies in 28 of 32 training camps.

* The only teams without an Okie on the roster are Pittsburgh, Green Bay, New York Giants and Indianapolis. Dallas has eight “Okies,” Detroit seven, New Orleans seven. Minnesota, Carolina, Washington all have five each, Cleveland four.

* Oklahoma's offensive line hasn't been as dominant in recent years, but the Sooners account for nearly one eighth of Okies in NFL training camps. OU routinely cranked out quality O-linemen for nearly a decade.

* Defensive line at times is said to be one of Oklahoma State's biggest needs. And there's some truth to that. The Cowboys, though, have produced some quality D-linemen (Kevin Williams, Juqua Parker and Antonio Smith). Ryan McBean has developed into a solid contributor.

* On the high school ranks, wide receivers and tight ends account for nearly one third of the high school players in NFL camps, evidence Boone Pickens Stadium and Owen Field aren't the only gridirons where wide-open passing games have all but squashed the wishbone era.