Oklahomans pay on money earned and money spent

Published: November 3, 2012

Regarding “Scrutinizing tax credits an effort worth pursuing” (Our Views, Oct. 23): State Auditor Gary Jones has it right. All tax credits and other incentive programs should be audited on a regular basis. Oversight of these programs has been neglected for years. Are these corporate welfare programs in sync with the state constitution? Shouldn't taxpayers have more control of how our tax money is distributed? Shouldn't legislators be replaced when they vote to give money to corporations of their choice? Wouldn't it be a smart incentive program to put this giveaway money in the hands of Oklahoma workers by abolishing the income tax?

Kansas recently put more than a billion dollars back in the hands of its citizens through income tax relief. Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback said, “Now is the time to grow our economy, not state government, and that's what our policies will do.” In Oklahoma, it took 20 years for private-sector retirees to get the same state exemption on pension income that government retirees enjoyed. The objection was over what the state would lose in revenue. Tax revenue grew and retirees had an incentive to stay in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma will grow and prosper like the other states that don't make citizens pay tax on their earnings. Oklahoma taxes our income and then again when we spend what income we have left.

V. Midge Sullivan, Oklahoma City

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