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Oklahoma's House speaker to help national GOP

The Republican National Committee's chairman calls Oklahoma House Speaker T.W. Shannon a rising star. The speaker will appear at GOP fundraisers later this month in Texas.
BY MICHAEL MCNUTT Published: May 14, 2013

The Republican National Committee does well in off-presidential election years, with GOP candidates doing well in gubernatorial and legislative races, but miserably in presidential elections, Priebus said.

Republicans haven't won a decisive presidential victory in 24 years.

Priebus called the presidential primary system “a total disaster.”

The convention needs to be sooner than late August or early September, probably in June, he said.

“We need to overhaul our primary system,” he said. “The 23 debates and a traveling circus is something that we need to end in this country. The idea of allowing our debates to be moderated by people who are in the business of creating news at the expense of our candidates and our party has to end.”