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Old coffee? Keep it away from the parking lot!

Hilarie Blaney Modified: July 24, 2013 at 3:20 pm •  Published: April 18, 2011

Imagine my surprise when I jumped out of my car after pulling up to Starbucks this morning and put my new spring shoes into a puddle. It wasn’t a rain puddle (which wouldn’t have been so awful, since we need the rain here in Oklahoma so badly), but a coffee puddle!

Yikes! A great place for coffee is a mug, a coffee pot, down a drain or in a trash can. I know we’re all in a hurry, especially in the morning and especially for our coffee. If your mug from the day before was unfinished, toss the excess down a drain, or ask your barista to empty it for you. When you empty a cup of coffee on a parking spot you may unwittingly leave someone else’s morning soggy, as they will have sopped up your favorite morning drink!  Think twice before you pour – those sharing your parking lot will appreciate your consideration.