Olivia Hamilton going to watch her Cowboys at Fiesta Bowl courtesy of Scooter Proctor

JENNI CARLSON COMMENTARY — After Oklahoma lost to Baylor, Sooners' fan Scooter Proctor was feeling sorry for himself...until he saw Olivia Hamilton's story on TV. Proctor was so moved, he decided to send the Hamiltons to the Bedlam game and to the Fiesta Bowl.
by Jenni Carlson Published: December 25, 2011

Scooter Proctor was down in the dumps.

What Sooner fan wasn't the week after the Baylor game?

But Proctor has a slightly different perspective. His dad, Bobby, was a longtime assistant at Oklahoma, so his allegiances run a little deeper. So do his hurt feelings after losses.

Proctor was still licking his wounds from that loss at Waco when he went to the office early one morning. He flipped on the TV and turned to ESPN.

That's when Olivia Hamilton's story came on.

“I sat there and cried like a baby for an hour,” Proctor said.

Hamilton is a fourth grader from Sperry. She has a pair of shimmering blue eyes, an ear-to-ear smile and an ongoing battle with acute lymphoblastic leukemia that has already lasted more than two years.

She also has a friend in Oklahoma State receiver Justin Blackmon.

Their story has been widely told, first appearing in the pages of this sports section and eventually spreading to the World Wide Leader this fall. The moving segment touched Proctor that morning in his Norman office at OklahomaTickets.com, a ticket brokerage service that he owns.

What happened next is a feel-good story with a Bedlam twist.

The Hamiltons are headed on an all-expensed paid trip to the Fiesta Bowl, courtesy of Proctor.

“This gift,” said Jennifer Hamilton, Olivia's mom, “has been unbelievable.”

As Proctor sat watching Olivia's story — 108 weeks of radiation and chemotherapy, dozens of trips to the hospital, a childhood interrupted — he realized he could do something for her. He had tickets. Her Cowboys would have a bowl game.

Why not send her?

“I just had it in my heart that was what I was going to do,” Proctor said. “I knew exactly.”

He sent a Facebook message to one of his OSU buddies, looking for a way to contact the Hamiltons. Finally, he called them, a complete stranger with unbelievable news.

“I want to send you to the bowl game, whatever bowl game they go to,” he told Jennifer. “I'm paying for all the airfare, hotel, tickets. Everything.”

There was stunned silence on the other end of the line.

“Who are you?” Jennifer finally asked in wonder.

She just couldn't believe this bolt-from-the-blue phone call. A man she'd never met — not to mention an OU fan — was offering to provide her family with an all-expenses-paid trip to OSU's bowl game.

She wanted to try to explain to him just how excited Olivia would be about the trip. To make her point, she told him that Olivia wanted to go to Bedlam badly, but the family couldn't find tickets.

“Well, Dad, if we can't go to the game,” she had told her father, David, “I want to at least go to The Walk. Will you at least take me to The Walk?”

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