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On the ballot for the Nov. 6 general election in Oklahoma

Oklahoman Published: November 4, 2012


Mitt Romney (R)

(i)Barack Obama (D)

U.S. House

District 1

Jim Bridenstine (R)

John Olson (D)

Craig Allen (I)

District 2

Markwayne Mullin (R)

Rob Wallace (D)

Michael G. Fulks (I)

District 3

(i)Frank D. Lucas (R)

Timothy R. Murray (D)

William M. Sanders (I)

District 4

(i)Tom Cole (R)

Donna M. Bebo (D)

R.J. Harris (I)

District 5

(i)James Lankford (R)

Tom Guild (D)

Pat Martin (I)

Robert T. Murphy (I)

State Senate

District 3

Wayne Shaw (R)

Jim Bynum (D)

District 5

Howard Houchen (R)

(i)Jerry Ellis (D)

District 7

Larry Boggs (R)

J. Paul Lane (D)

District 9

Barney S. Taylor (R)

(i)Earl Garrison (D)

District 11

Dave Bell (R)

Jabar Shumate (D)

Curtis J. Mullins (I)

District 13

Fred E. Smith (R)

(i)Susan Paddack (D)

District 15

Rob Standridge (R)

Claudia Griffith (D)

District 27

(i)A. Bryce Marlatt (R)

Tommy W. Nicholson (I)

District 31

(i)Don Barrington (R)

Tony Terrill (D)

District 39

(i)Brian A. Crain (R)

Julie Hall (D)

District 41

(i)Clark Jolley (R)

Richard Prawdzienski (I)

District 43

Corey Brooks (R)

Mike Fullerton (D)

State House

District 2

(i)John R. Bennett (R)

Rick Agent (D)

District 3

Roger Mattox (R)

(i)James H. Lockhart (D)

District 12

David Tackett (R)

(i)Wade Rousselot (D)

District 14

Arthur Hulbert (R)

Jerry Rains (D)

District 16

James Delso (R)

(i)Jerry Shoemake (D)

District 20

Bobby Cleveland (R)

Matt Branstetter (D)

District 21

(i)Dustin Roberts (R)

Jerry L. Tomlinson (D)

District 22

Charles A. McCall (R)

Doris A. Row (D)

District 23

Terry O'Donnell (R)

Shawna Keller (D)

District 26

Justin F. Wood (R)

Patty S. Wagstaff (D)

District 27

Josh Cockroft (R)

Randy R. Gilbert (D)

District 28

(i)Tom Newell (R)

Marilyn Rainwater (D)

District 29

(i)Skye McNiel (R)

David W. Narcomey (D)

District 32

Jason Smalley (R)

Keith Kinnamon (D)

District 36

(i)Sean Roberts (R)

Jim Massey (D)

District 37

(i)Steven E. Vaughan (R)

Nancy L. Niemann (D)

District 42

(i)Lisa J. Billy (R)

Steven Vines (D)

District 45

(i)Aaron Stiles (R)

Paula Roberts (D)

District 47

Leon A. Pivinski (D)

Leslie K. Osborn (R)

District 48

(i)Patrick Ownbey (R)

Brian Spencer (D)

District 51

Scott R. Biggs (R)

Stewart Meyer (D)

District 56

Chuck Utsler (R)

David L. Perryman (D)

District 60

Dan Fisher (R)

Kendra Menz-Kimble (D)

District 66

(i)Jadine Nollan (R)

David C. Phillips III (D)

District 71

Katie Henke (R)

Dan Arthrell (D)

District 72

Randall L. Reese (R)

(i)Seneca Scott (D)

District 76

(i)David Brumbaugh (R)

Glenda K. Puett (D)

District 78

Paul Catalano (R)

(i)Jeannie McDaniel (D)

District 83

(i)Randy McDaniel (R)

Ed Holzberger (D)

District 86

Russell D. Turner (R)

Will Fourkiller (D)

District 87

(i)Jason Nelson (R)

Nick Singer (D)

District 88

Aaron Kaspereit (R)

Kay Floyd (D)

District 99

Willard Linzy (R)

(i)Anastasia A. Pittman (D)

District 101

(i)Gary Banz (R)

Stephen E. Covert (D)

State questions

SQ 758

Would lower the cap on property value increases for owner occupied homes and agricultural land. The current cap is at 5% and would be reduced to 3%. It would reduce the amount property taxes - ad valorem taxes - could increase each year.

SQ 759

Would not allow affirmative action programs in state hiring, contracting and education programs. Affirmative action is state policies in place aimed at increasing diversity in state hiring, contacting and education giving weight or preference to underrepresented groups such as women and minorities.

SQ 762

Would remove the governor from the parole process for some nonviolent offenders. The Pardon and Parole Board would then be solely responsible for granting parole to nonviolent offenders, but the governor would still have final say in parole of other criminals.

SQ 764

Would allow the Oklahoma Water Resources board to issue up to $300 million in bonds to pay for certain water resource and sewage treatment programs. The Legislature would be responsible for funding debt service on the loans from the state budget.

SQ 765

Would eliminate the Department of Human Services, the Oklahoma Human Services Commission, and the director, allowing the Legislature to create a department to administer and carry out laws to provide for the care of the aged and the needy.

SQ 766

Would make all intangible property exempt from taxes. Currently only an enumerated list of tangible property is exempt from taxation, such as stocks and bonds. This amendment would exempt other items such as patents, contracts, mineral interests and trademarks.

Judge retention

Supreme Court District 3

Noma D. Gurich

Supreme Court District 4

Yvonne Kauger

Supreme Court District 7

James E. Edmondson

Supreme Court District 8

Douglas L. Combs

Court of Criminal Appeals District 1

Clancy Smith

Court of Criminal Appeals District 4

Arlene Johnson

Court of Criminal Appeals District 5

David B. Lewis

Court of Civil Appeals District 3, Office 1

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