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One Of Google's Biggest Fans Calls Glass 'An Expensive Nightmare' Published: February 5, 2014

You know something is wrong with Google Glass when one of Google's biggest supporters rants about how horrible the face-computer is.

The Huffington Post reports Jarvis is a journalist and professor who has written three books about the tech industry, including one called "What Would Google Do?," which argues that lesser companies ought to imitate Google's example. He also co-hosts a weekly podcast called "This Week In Google." So he's no stranger to the company.

While Jarvis may be a fan of the search giant in general, he revealed on Twitter that he's not into Google Glass. On Tuesday, Jarvis called Glass "a horrid waste of money," "useless," "overpriced," "inconvenient," and "clumsy." He didn't hold back, according to The Post.

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