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One-woman show on view at JRB Art at the Elms

JRB Art at the Elms is featuring works by Denise Duong through Nov. 30
BY JOHN BRANDENBURG Published: November 11, 2012

More abstract and contemporary is her collage, “Expand My Mind to the Unfamiliar,” of a woman perching, precariously, atop a ribbon-draped structure on the beach, tended by her husband.

Combining new and old nicely, too, is “No Matter Where I Am,” a collage of a young lady with an exaggerated, spiky, Statue of Liberty-like headdress who sits on top of a rickety stand of chairs, while her husband serenades her with a Victrola in the forest.

Full of inventive and whimsically appealing work, Duong's show is recommended during its run.

— John Brandenburg