Political Corruption Investigation
Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater's political corruption investigation focuses on whether Rep. Randy Terrill, Rep. Mike Christian, Sen. Debbe Leftwich and possibly other politicians conspired to create an $80,000-a-year job with the medical examiner's office for Leftwich so Christian could run for her Senate seat.

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The Players

Rep. Mike Christian Rep. Mike Christian R - Oklahoma City Christian is alleged to have helped create a position at the medical examiner's office for Leftwich so he could run for her Senate seat.
Rep. Debby Leftwich Rep. Debbe Leftwich D - Oklahoma City Leftwich is alleged to have taken a deal to step down from her Senate seat in exchange for a high-paying, newly-created position in the medical examiner's office.
Rep. Randy Terrill Rep. Randy Terrill R - Moore Terrill helped write the bills that created and funded the new medical examiner's job alleged to have been promised to Leftwich.
Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater District Attorney David Prater Prater says he has strong evidence of political corruption involving Terrill, Christian, Leftwich and possibly others to present to the state's multicounty grand jury, which can issue indictments or recommend impeachment from office.

Lawmakers respond

Although 10 state lawmakers signed a conference committee report supporting adoption of a bill regarding the state medical examiner's office, The Oklahoman could find none who would acknowledge knowing the origin of a provision to create an $80,000- a-year transition coordinator position. A political corruption investigation is under way to determine if state Sen. Debbe Leftwich was promised that job in exchange for not running for re-election. Here is what some of the lawmakers on the conference committee had to say about the origin of the controversial language:
"At the time we got the conference committee report, the explanation given to me was that this is the ME bill, we're removing the ME's office from Oklahoma City to Edmond.... I don't know who or how or when that specific language about that transition coordinator was added.”

State Rep. Scott Martin, R-Norman
"I wasn't involved in the drafting or authorship or any of that.... I read the conference committee report before I signed it, but that wasn't pointed out or described.”

State Sen. Todd Lamb, R-Edmond
"In this case, I guess I signed it and I probably signed it without reading it because usually you're at your desk voting on other bills when you're asked to sign it.”

State Rep. Jeannie McDaniel, D-Tulsa
"I don't know who put the language in.... I had no problem with the transition coordinator to help them make the move. If that position was designed for a particular person, I had no knowledge of that. I will tell you that Sen. Leftwich would be a wonderful person for that position.”

State Rep. Doug Cox, R-Grove
"I didn't know that there was a transition coordinator in there.... I read the thing and it didn't occur to me to think anything of it.”

State Rep. Lucky Lamons, D-Tulsa