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ONG's action proves overwhelming response to CNG

Oklahoman Published: November 12, 2012

Regarding “Utility to reduce incentives for purchase of CNG vehicles” (Business, Nov. 6): How about the government stepping in and offering some incentives to reduce our dependence on foreign oil and transportation costs? Oklahoma Natural Gas Co. has provided rebates for home electric conversions, appliances and natural gas-powered vehicles. The overwhelming response for the CNG incentive program led to the need for ONG to cut back and shows the demand is there.

Oklahomans know the importance of clean energy and efficiency in both the products we use and the relationships with foreign countries. The United States has an abundance of natural gas. All of us, both the consumer and the leadership we freely elect, should do all we can to start taking the steps to become independent of those nations that have us — no pun intended — over a barrel. The president, Congress and you and I should support any and all programs to get this rolling.

One utility company has set the bar — thank you, ONG! — but let's do our part to get involved and make the sacrifices necessary to reduce the world's carbon footprint and create the ability to tell OPEC and the anti-U.S. oil producers in the Middle East thanks, but no thanks. Personally, I appreciate those of you who have taken advantage of opportunities to do just this.

Tony Patton, Arcadia