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Oops: 5th Olympic Ring Flops in Sochi Ceremony Published: February 7, 2014

Russian and Western music, dancing, and a light show highlighted the Olympic opening ceremony in Sochi Friday, but many will remember the technical glitches that left one of the five famous rings in the dark, according to FOX News.

The opening ceremony on the edge of the Black Sea and subsequent games are Russia's chance to tell its story, and dispel the anger, fear and suspicion that has marred the buildup to these most expensive Olympics ever.

Five large, glowing snowflakes emerged from a whimsical opening meant to depict the four seasons. They floated to the top of Fisht arena and, one by one, started to morph into the rings. But only four joined together while the fifth remained a snowflake, apparently stuck, FOX News reports.

H/T: Newser
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