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Open-carry law won't change much for licensed carriers

Published: March 28, 2012

In response to Cheryl Drabek (Your Views, March 21): Why do people think that passage of open-carry legislation will create problems? Unlike a few states that allow an unlicensed citizen to carry a weapon, the Oklahoma legislation has the stipulation that you must complete the required training necessary to have a conceal-carry permit. I'm fairly certain that Oklahoma hasn't had a single situation where a licensed person improperly used a weapon. Why would this be any different?

I'd imagine that a majority of permit holders will choose to still conceal their weapons, but this does make it easier to carry one. If a licensed individual is carrying a weapon and bends over in the grocery store, and his gun is momentarily visible, he would be subject to arrest for “brandishing a weapon.” Passage of an open carry bill makes that a nonissue.

I feel safer in a life-threatening situation by carrying a gun simply because I will act to protect my family regardless of whether I have a weapon. I won't sacrifice my own safety for theirs, gun or no gun. The world is an unsafe place with people more desperate than ever; it's naive to think otherwise. The “Wild West” won't return. Civility might.

Stephen Silver, Edmond

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