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'Orange' Season 2: 6 spoiler-filled takeaways Published: June 7, 2014

Welcome back to Litchfield, ladies and gents.

The second season of summer's best binge was dumped onto Netflix in the wee hours of the morning, bringing us back behind bars with fish-out-of-water Piper Chapman and a diverse cast of criminals. So what's the gang cooking up this year? (Not Red's mythical chicken, that's for sure.) After watching all 13 new episodes Friday, here are six things to know from our time in the clink:

It's not just Piper's story. Even more so than Season 1, everyone gets a chance to shine this season ... and we mean everybody. Poussey, Rosa, Morello, Gloria, Black Cindy and Sister Ingalls are all given back stories via flashback, as are fan favorites Taystee and Crazy Eyes (seriously, how perfect was that child casting?). And it's not even just the Litchfield ladies: Piper's ex-fiancé Larry, her best friend Polly, the guards and the prison's upper management are all given respectable storylines, ranging from affairs to gay lovers to baby daddies to playing in a band (Rock on, Caputo!).

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