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OSU basketball: OSU alums Desmond Mason, John Lucas offer Marcus Smart advice

Mason and Lucas remember many taunts over playing career, but they tell Smart to play on and ignore raucous fans.
Oklahoman Published: February 9, 2014

STILLWATER — Marcus Smart's shove of Texas Tech fan Jeff Orr prompted plenty of Twitter buzz late Saturday night and into Sunday.

One of the most prominent reactions came from former Oklahoma State star Desmond Mason.

“Some things are hard to ignore, BUT no excuses!” Mason tweeted. “Deal with your consequences. I was called the N word EVERY game I played in Lubbock!”

Mason expanded on those initial comments in an interview with NBC Sports Radio's Kup and Schultz show Sunday morning, detailing that Lubbock did provide a uniquely hostile environment for visitors during his playing career.

“That doesn't happen at Kansas,” said Mason, referring to racial slurs. “They're cheering and they're doing their thing, and you get some things (yelled at you), but nothing like that. In Lubbock, that's one of the places that I've heard racial things screamed at me on a number of different occasions in my four years at Oklahoma State …

“I know what goes on in that area. I'm not just saying it to be saying it. I've lived it. I know what it's like, and I've definitely had some of those racial things screamed at me. It's not just in Lubbock, I've had it in other places, but there are some aggressive fans there.”

Still, Mason reiterated that Smart should have kept his cool, regardless of what was said.

“He has to not react in that situation,” Mason said, “especially knowing his opportunities going forward. It's just unfortunate that it happened this way.”

Mason wasn't the only former Cowboy to speak out via Twitter. John Lucas said he remembers Orr specifically from his trips to Texas Tech.

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