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OSU football: Bling put away, time for Cowboys to re-prove themselves

Just because Brandon Weeden and Justin Blackmon are gone doesn't mean OSU can't continue winning.
Oklahoman Published: August 5, 2012

There must be a hunger for more.

Don't look back.

“We want to win it again, there's no doubt about that,” said offensive lineman Lane Taylor. “It was great to win it last year. It was awesome to win it for our school. We know that we have to show up and work, work even harder than we did last year to accomplish it again.

“If you look in the past, you're going to get beat. Our coaches, our strength coaches, they make sure we stay focused.”

It's a familiar refrain of August. The proof comes later.

But there is a hint of chippiness among these veteran Cowboys, who seem truly irritated that they've been overlooked as contributors to last year's great gains. They know Brandon Weeden and Justin Blackmon are gone and understand the duo will be missed.

But they feel they've got something to give – and go get – too.

They're not at all ready to accept that the program's greatest moments came and went last fall.

“No,” said Bassett. “Coach Gundy told us, I think my sophomore year, that in the next five years OSU is going to win a championship. And it came true with a Big 12 championship.

“But the way this program has turned since I got here and the way it's changed, the upswing it's had and the amount of talent it brings in year in and year out and the culture change that we've had… I think it's not out of the realm of possibility that OSU is going to win a national championship here in the near future.”

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