OSU football: Brandon Weeden remains the pride of Edmond Santa Fe

BRANDON WEEDEN — The Oklahoma State quarterback's popularity at his old high school crosses Bedlam lines.
BY JOHN HELSLEY Published: December 18, 2011

Ten years later, Brandon Weeden remains the big story on campus, if not the big man on campus, at Edmond Santa Fe.

Weeden even crosses Bedlam battle lines, connecting those committed to both schools.

“You've got OSU fans and then you've got Brandon Weeden fans, who want to see him to do good just because he went to Santa Fe,” said Connor Sweeney, a sophomore on the Santa Fe baseball team.

Football weekends regularly dictate the school conversations, more than ever.

“That's kind of the buzz, every Monday, about how well that he did. And about OSU,” said Wolves baseball coach Lonny Cobble, who coached Weeden at the school a decade ago. “And we have a lot of players who really like OU.

“I heard one of them say, ‘I'll be glad when Weeden leaves, so I can start hating OSU again.'”

It's not just the students and the athletes who are monitoring Weeden, either.

“You see it more with the faculty than anything,” said Roger Pfeiffer, Santa Fe's offensive coordinator when was quarterback of the Wolves.

“When Brandon's name is in the paper or when he's mentioned on ESPN or he's the Player of the Week, you can't go to lunch or into the teacher's lounge or walk down the hallway without one of the faculty member's mentioning Brandon or hearing a conversation about Brandon.”


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