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OSU football coach Mike Gundy will get his new contract as long as no one gets silly

BERRY TRAMEL COMMENTARY — Mike Gundy's contract negotiations come down to a couple simple facts: Gundy wants to be at OSU. OSU wants Gundy. Now that that's been settled, it's time to get the deal done.
by Berry Tramel Published: December 21, 2011

The Mike Gundy/OSU contract negotiations continue and will get done. There can be no other conclusion.

Gundy has the job he wants. The Cowboys have the coach they want. He's already making a lot of money. He's being offered a lot more.

This isn't complicated.

Unless people start talking nonsense. And questioning Oklahoma State University's loyalty to Gundy, as an unnamed source from the Gundy camp did to the Tulsa World, is nonsense.

No school ever has been more loyal to a football coach than OSU has been to Gundy:

* Hired Gundy a full-time assistant coach at the age of 22. Named offensive coordinator at 26.

* Strongly urged or required Bob Simmons to retain Gundy on Simmons' initial OSU staff in 1995.

* Did the same six years later when Les Miles was named head coach, even though Gundy was unemployed at the time and had just been part of a staff that was fired for the second time in four years.

* Named Gundy head coach at the age of 37 without so much as a search.

* Is paying him $2.1 million a year and has offered a big raise on a long-term contract.

And yet someone apparently speaking for Gundy says he could have or should have jumped on a plane to College Station, Texas, and taken his whole staff with him when Texas A&M showed interest earlier this month.

You tell me who's being disloyal.

I don't know what's going on in the talks. I assume both sides have good points.

I don't know what Gundy's been offered, but I've been told it busts the $3 million a year barrier. Only 10 college football coaches in America make $3 million a year.

That's at least a 42 percent raise. That doesn't strike me as a lowball offer.

Of course, length of contract could be a sticking point. OSU athletic director Mike Holder is paying the price for that 10-year deal he gave basketball coach Travis Ford.

Can't blame Gundy one bit for asking for a similar length. It's not Gundy's fault that Holder lost his head for one of the few times in his life.

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