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OSU football Insider: Keith Toston feels draft pressure

By Brandon Chatmon Published: February 15, 2010
don’t mind being a backup, I just want to show my talent and help whatever team I am on to win.”

→No dream team you want to play for?

"Not at all. I just want to continue to play football. That’s the most important thing.”

→T ell me about your experience at the Shrine Bowl.

"The Shrine Bowl was a good experience. It was pretty tough, there was a lot of competition there. It was kind of like football camp on our off time. We were focused on trying to get ourselves ready to go full speed the next day.”

→Did anything surprise you?

"Not really. On any level, football is still football. The competition level was raised. It raised my level of expectations for myself.”

→What were the practices like? Was the intensity game-like?

"Pretty much. For a lot of players, including myself, the legs were sore like you’d been through several games. Every practice was just like a game. Everything was full speed.”

→Was that unexpected, to be that worn out before the game?

"Yeah, that was unexpected. I expected to go full speed a couple days then slow it down before the game, but it stayed fast. Even the day before the game, we had practice, so that surprised me a little bit.”

→How do you feel you performed?

"I felt I performed the best I could. I had some real good practice days, and a couple of those practices, my practice may have been the best of any of the players. As far as the game, I only got maybe five carries and did the best I could.”

→Was that tough for a back like you? A lot of your best work is done in the second half as you’re wearing people down.

"Yeah. But at the same time all the players were trying to get out of the game injury free. By that time, I felt I had shown everything I could in the practices. When the game rolled around, we knew everybody would get their fair chance to play.”

→Was that the good part (of having few carries), knowing you had already shown what you could do in practice so the game wasn’t as important?

"Yeah. Most of the time the game determines if you’re doing good or bad. This situation it was kind of reversed.”