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OSU football Q&A: Cooper Bassett talks about Cowboys' increased depth on defense

Defensive end Cooper Bassett talks about the Oklahoma State defense's depth and speed, and — of course — the quarterback race.
by Jenni Carlson Published: April 23, 2012

The Oklahoma State defense wasn't the focus of Saturday's spring finale.

Rightfully so.

With the loss of offensive stars Brandon Weeden and Justin Blackmon, all eyes were on the quarterbacks and receivers.

But the Cowboy defense will definitely be worth watching next fall. It is as talented and deep as it has been in years. Starting defensive end Cooper Bassett talked about that — and yes, even about the Cowboys' quarterback race — after Saturday's scrimmage.

What do you make of all this talk about the defense's increased depth and speed?

I don't add to that speed. (Laughs) But I will agree. The problem that we've had defensively in the past is depth. And this year, you look, especially in the front seven, we're so deep. Just like (Saturday), the Orange team had technically the No. 2 defense, but the defensive line, you've got Christian Littlehead and Nigel Nicholas, both who've been starters. Davidell Collins, great experience. You've got Ty Johnson over there, who's a great player, too. We've got a lot of speed, a lot of depth, and it's going to be fun with our defense this year.

Defensive linemen had four pass breakups during the scrimmage. Is batting down passes at the line something you all talk about?

If we can get in the backfield and get our hands up and let our presence be known, then we're really going to impact things even if we're not getting the quarterback to the ground. Something we preach is getting back there, getting your hands up when the quarterback's hands come off the ball.

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