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OSU football: Scenes from NFL Draft day with Brandon Weeden and family

Taking you behind the scenes of Brandon Weeden's draft day, when he was selected by the Cleveland Browns.
BY GINA MIZELL Published: April 29, 2012

Then he looks at his phone and answers it.

How do you make a full house of people shut up? Have an NFL team call and tell you they're about to draft you.

The phone call lasts about five minutes. Maybe less. Later, we'd learn Brandon spoke to Browns general manager Tom Heckert, coach Pat Shurmur and president Mike Holmgren. In the background, Brandon's guests are whispering to each other, smiling, giving the “thumbs up” sign and finding other quiet ways to express their excitement.

You know what happens after that.

I literally have “Woooo!” written in my notes. That comes from Brandon sometime after the first round of hugs. “I'm shaking” also comes out of his mouth at some point.

Brandon is also a master at the fist pump. One comes after the phone call. Another comes when he's officially selected.

Right after Brandon is picked, I rush into a small office where the media types are set up to file a quick story for the web. This is also where Brandon's agent, Sean Howard, has been periodically going to get away from the noise of the crowd. While in there, Howard gets a phone call. It's the Houston Texans saying they are going to draft Whitney Mercilus, another one of Howard's clients, with the No. 26 overall pick. Howard is psyched.

Time to set up for another live ESPN interview. But as Brandon is getting an IFB earpiece (the thing that allows him to hear the questions), put in, he's interrupted. Know those caller IDs that can be set up to pop up on the upper left corner of the television screen? It says “Cleveland Browns.” That was pretty wild.

While Brandon retreats to a quieter room to work out the details of his trip to Cleveland the next day, Champagne is popped in the kitchen. Brandon returns a few minutes later, apologizes to the ESPN camera crew and does the interview.

Following a session with some local media — where I see calm, cool Brandon get emotional for, really, the first time ever — he does a one-on-one interview with the Golf Channel. Yes, the Golf Channel is here.

Then it's time for Brandon's family and friends to continue to celebrate — and for me to go update my story. I thank the Weedens for their hospitality and for inviting me into their home to capture a special moment.

People around these parts already know this, but the Browns are getting a good one.