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OSU football: Winning a close one is good for Cowboys

While hardly clean or offensively efficient, and nowhere near the comfortable result suggested by a two-touchdown point spread, the Cowboys suggested one significant takeaway from Saturday night: close-game mettle.
by John Helsley Published: October 6, 2013

But Walsh has regularly impressed in practices, the primary reason he pushed his way past Clint Chelf on the quarterback depth chart.

More consistency at impressing in games is what needs to happen next. Then the dominoes could start to fall.

An enhanced passing threat earns more room for the running game to thrive.

Less traffic around the line of scrimmage makes life easier on the line.

The offense overall starts to click.

“It's always good to win a close game like that,” said Charlie Moore. “It's a way different feeling than blowing out a team. It gives you a little confidence, which we need.”

Of course, some of this is spin, bright-side chatter on the backside of consecutive ragged performances.

Some of it, too, could be real.

The Cowboys did win, finding a way when a lot went wrong. And they showed some grit, along with a clutch factor in rallying with big plays on offense and defense.

“We got a lot of toughness today and showed that we could finish,” said senior safety Daytawion Lowe. “A lot of courage. No one was hanging their heads down. We knew we lost last week. We were just excited. And we were all hungry to get the win.”

And as they hunger for more, the Cowboys will have something positive to draw upon.

“You learn a lot from these close games,” Moore said. “You learn a lot of things that are going to come up again later in the year.

“We learned how to finish this game and we're going to carry that. Later this year when there's a close game, we'll know that, ‘K-State, remember how we did that? Let's keep it up and do it again.'”