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Published: July 28, 2008
With growing depth and an influx of junior college transfers, it will be hard for true freshmen to get on the field this year at OSU. Here's a look at a few who have the best chance:

Quinn Sharp, kicker: Sharp might be the only true freshman guaranteed to play this year.

Markelle Martin, safety: After enrolling last January, Martin gave himself a head start in having a chance to play right away.

Tight end: Any of the three signees — Cooper Bassett, Justin Horton and Jamal Mosley — could be the guy to provide depth at a position that has very little behind Brandon Pettigrew.

Victor Johnson, defensive back: With a couple of junior-college DBs coming in, it will be hard for this highly touted recruit to get on the field.

Kye Staley, running back: Staley wants to be a running back, and though he has the talent to play early, the depth at the position will likely prevent it.