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OSU QB Robinson takes hits and dishes them out

By Scott Wright Published: August 24, 2008
"But if you go back and look, most of his runs came off of scrambling. We had the one option play we ran, but most of his hits were when he was scrambling, when he was 10, 12, 18 yards downfield.

"All he had to do was run out of bounds, but he didn't.”

Robinson doesn't even like those words — out of bounds.

"It's tough to hear that, but in the same sense, I don't think it will change a whole lot what I'm doing,” Robinson said. "That's how I've always played, but I know it took quite a toll on my body last year.”

In part, limiting the hits Robinson takes will rely on the improvement of his passing ability. Robinson added about 10 pounds of muscle over the summer, much of it in his upper body. Throughout camp, he has been throwing the ball harder and his deep passes have been more accurate.

"His accuracy, and just throwing, as the game went on, it tapered off some in the late third and fourth quarter last season,” Gundy said. "I think some of that was because he was tired, because he ran the ball and was taking some hits. And he'd get a little bit fatigued as the game went on. I think that affected him more than anything.”

Robinson says he's learning to make better decisions with the ball, as well.

"I feel like over the summer I honed in on footwork and accuracy,” he said. "And I've worked on dumping it down to the running back if I need to, instead of taking off to run.

"Hopefully I'll be improved as a passer and I'll continue to make plays with my feet and just help the offense move the ball in whatever way I can.”

Oklahoma State's Zac Robinson loves contact. Mike Gundy says he likes that quality in a quarterback — but it does make him nervous. By NATE BILLINGS, THE OKLAHOMAN

How I do what I do
Zac Robinson explains what it's really like when you're working the dirty job of taking a hit.

"I've always liked contact. I enjoy hitting people. I enjoy getting hit, for some reason, most of the time. Sometimes you take some pretty good shots. But I like getting hit, I like the contact. That's why I play.

"The hit I took when I got the concussion against Texas A&M — that was really the only hit that I took where I really didn't know what was going on and stuff like that. Other than that, you've got so much adrenaline going during the game, you hardly even feel it.

"I'd rather see the hit coming, because you can at least brace yourself for it. Blind-sided, that's no good.

"I look at (being a running quarterback) as an advantage. Anytime you can hurt a defense by pulling it down and picking up eight or 10 yards, it puts that much more pressure on them.”


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