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OSU report card: Quarterbacks get a 'B', Receiver Charlie Moore an 'A'

Hard to grade a spring game, but some things, good and bad, stand out and did Saturday, including receiver Charlie Moore and the backup linebackers.
by Berry Tramel Published: April 21, 2012

Defensive hands: A. OSU's pass rushers tipped at least five passes at the line of scrimmage. Ryan Simmons, Christian Littlehead, Calvin Barnett, Anthony Rogers and Davidell Collins all got their hands on passes. That's a nice trait to take into September.

Catching punts: F. No rush. No returns. All Quinn Sharp had to do was punt the ball, and all Josh Stewart (and Justin Gilbert) had to do was catch the punt. And Stewart dropped or bobbled three punts, while letting another bounce in front of him and not even seeing another. Even the sure-handed Gilbert dropped a punt, after watching Stewart muff several. When Stewart finally caught a punt in the second half, the crowd cheered sarcastically, and Stewart raised his arms in admission of his guilt.

Short-yardage offense: C. The Cowboys five times faced third or fourth down needing three yards or less for a first down. They converted three of the five, two on Chelf passes. Lunt threw incomplete on a 3rd-and-3.

Run defense: A. OSU tailbacks gained 100 yards on 28 carries. That's 3.6 yards per carry. And it's not like walk-ons were running the ball all day. Joseph Randle (29 yards) and Jeremy Smith (14 yards) each had eight carries.