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OSU running back Jeremy Smith torches Texas for two long TD runs

by John Helsley Published: October 15, 2011

Interestingly, just moments before, Smith was getting an earful from a coach on the sideline.

“Pretty much cussing me out,” Smith said.

The message?

“I messed up on a play,” Smith said. “I've just got to get downhill.”

Message received.

“It was firing me up a little bit,” Smith said. “The next thing I know, the hole's wide open.”

Then late in the third quarter, with the Cowboys scuffling to put the Longhorns away, Smith provided the haymaker, the 74-yard gash, again up the gut.

Once considered OSU's short-yardage back, Smith ran away form UT safety Blake Gideon.

“Coach (Diaz) put it on the front five to play for third down and stop the run letting the back guys do what they do,” said linebacker Keenan Robinson.

“We didn't get it done.”

The Cowboys have always maintained they have two stud backs, even with Randle getting more carries. Saturday provided proof.

Smith ran for 140 yards on seven carries, while Randle went for 68 and a score on 16 attempts.

“We knew Jeremy Smith was good,” Blackmon said. “On most teams, he'd probably be the starter. They complement each other well, him and Randle, with the ways they run.”

Said Monken: “I think we have two starters. And they both bring a lot to the table. If we introduced our starters, both are guys we count on and rely on.

“It just worked out today. Sometimes the opportunities come and sometimes they don't. Jeremy doesn't get a chance to control that. But when given opportunities, he's played really well.”

And, Smith said, he'll take the opportunities whenever he can.

“Sometimes that's just the way football is, especially college football these days,” he said. “There's not just one back, there's a 1-2 punch.

“Each week, you just have to figure, this guy might have a big game, or this guy might have a good game. You never know. You've just got to keep your composure and whatever happens, happens.”