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OSU standout receiver Justin Blackmon gets chatty with fans

BY JOHN HELSLEY, Staff Writer, Published: June 16, 2011

“It's definitely something you can get hooked on, once you figure out what you're doing,” Blackmon said. “It's a chance to communicate with people that you wouldn't normally communicate with.”

Don't fret, Cowboys fans, Blackmon said he'll behave himself while tweeting. You can be sure that OSU coach Mike Gundy has established some ground rules.

“I wouldn't say rules,” Blackmon said, “but we know the ins and outs of Twitter. We know what to say and what not to say, what needs to be put out there.”

And don't think Blackmon is just spending the summer sampling the latest clever thoughts of Weeden or the Thunder's Nate Robinson or Ocho Cinco or LeBron James.

Blackmon, who took a major leap all the way to the Biletnikoff Award with a strong offseason a year ago, maintains a work ethic that Cowboys coaches hold as a golden example.

“Just been working out through the month of May and into June,” he said, “trying to do things right in the offseason to get ready for the season.”

And according to Blackmon, that approach is spreading.

“You can tell by the people who are here and working out,” he said. “You can tell the atmosphere is they want to be here and they're trying to get better. More and more people are starting to buy in each year. You can see it happening.

“We have a lot of players who want to be here and who are showing up and working hard this summer.”