OSU-Tulsa football all-nighter a disservice to players

JOHN HELSLEY'S OSU REPORT CARD: For all the talk about the student-athlete's experience, this experience flunked.
By JOHN HELSLEY, Staff Writer, jhelsley@opubco.com Published: September 18, 2011


Uniform Combo No. 3

A very classy and classic look: white helmets (black logo) and white jerseys on black pants. The accent stripes – black and orange on the shoulder, black and gray on the pants – are a nice touch. Until the Cowboys go head-to-toe black, these are the best yet.


Good Sense

The Cowboys were up nearly four touchdowns after 3 a.m., yet starters remained in the game on both sides of the ball. Brandon Weeden was still throwing. Joseph Randle piled up carries. Seemed way too risky. Sure, OSU had the national stage all to itself, but who was watching?


National Anthem

C for cool, as Tulsa's own Grady Nichols handled the anthem, solo on the sax. Dude seemed to hit every note, and it can't be an easy song. Still, soothing smooth jazz doesn't exactly seem to provide the proper tone for football – or an impending downpour!

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