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OSU's Brandon Weeden, Stanford's Andrew Luck mirror images except in Heisman noises

JENNI CARLSON COMMENTARY — Oklahoma State quarterback Brandon Weeden has the look of a Heisman hopeful. He's got the stats. He's got the wins. He's got the look. The only thing he doesn't have much of is, well, Heisman hype.
by Jenni Carlson Published: November 4, 2011


A player who has been so good and so valuable for a national championship contending team should be a serious Heisman candidate.

While the latest betting odds have Weeden tied for third with Oklahoma quarterback Landry Jones, if you look at the straw polls of Heisman voters, the highest you'll see Weeden is fifth. The poll, which has a strong sampling of national voters, ranks Weeden eighth with only one measly point.

That vote came from me. I have Weeden third on my ballot, and that means I'm the only voter among 13 who would vote for Weeden if the season ended today.

I've heard Weeden's age is a factor. Ask a couple voters about that, and you'll discover that they aren't concerned about it.

I've heard Weeden is graded more harshly because the Cowboys have a video-game offense. He passes a bunch. He has a chance to get lots of stats.

But let me get this straight — a guy who has more responsibility on his shoulders than most college quarterbacks, yet performs at a high level should be taken down a notch?

I don't get it.

“Right now ... I think we're all swayed by sexy stats,” said Andrew Logue, a Heisman voter from the Des Moines Register. “Weeden has those, but what would really vault him is a win over Oklahoma and a Big 12 title.”

Sporting News college football writer Steve Greenberg said, “If the Cowboys make it to 12-0 ... he'll be right near the top of most lists.”

That he's not there now is a bit befuddling. If you want wins, his team has got ‘em. If you want stats, he has got ‘em.

The Heisman might be Luck's to win, but if Weeden keeps this up, he deserves a seat at the ceremony.

by Jenni Carlson
Jenni Carlson, a sports columnist at The Oklahoman since 1999, came by her love of sports honestly. She grew up in a sports-loving family in Kansas. Her dad coached baseball and did color commentary on the radio for the high school football...
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A look at the stats of five quarterbacks in Heisman Trophy contention:

Andrew Luck, Stanford (8-0)

174 of 242, 2,218 yards, 23 TD, 4 INT

Kellen Moore, Boise State (7-0)

174 of 228, 2,010 yards, 24 TD, 5 INT

Case Keenum, Houston (8-0)

218 of 303, 3,219 yards, 32 TD, 3 INT

Brandon Weeden, Oklahoma State (8-0)

246 of 345, 2,710 yards, 22 TD, 7 INT

Landry Jones, Oklahoma (7-1)

236 of 355, 3,094 yards, 26 TD, 9 INT


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