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OSU's Mike Gundy pleased fans, alums experiencing success

BY GINA MIZELL, Staff Writer, Modified: August 25, 2011 at 5:07 pm •  Published: August 25, 2011

On the consistency of the offensive line:

“I hate to give (offensive line coach Joe Wickline) too much credit, but he's kind of a solider and keeps his head down and does what you ask him to do and he finds a way to get a lot of results out of players. Some guys have that ability as coaches, and some guys don't. We've gone through quite a transition here on offense in seven years. We've been able to get really good results out of our linemen. (Wickline) does a nice job with that, but I also think that we're recruiting the right guys. We're bringing guys in here that other schools may not want because of either height, strength or some other reason. “

On the Cowboys' approach against Louisiana-Lafayette, which has a new coaching staff:

“I think we have a decent idea of what they're going to do on both sides of the ball, but you don't really know. They could show up in something (different) and it wouldn't surprise us. Our approach to a game like this is to play sound base defense and run to the ball and tackle, and offensively, to get the ball in the hands that can win the game for you.”

On the plan to play 6-8 freshmen this season:

“One, because of the extra plays, we need young guys to contribute. And two, they're coming out of high school more prepared now than they ever have been before. The high school football in the state of Oklahoma is better, and the high school football in Texas is obviously good. So those guys are coming out ready to play. Because of that, more players are competing as freshmen. And to add to that, if they're really good, you're only going to have them here three years anyway, so you might as well get your time out of them.”

On if a uniform combination for the season-opener has been selected yet:

“Yes. I don't know what they are, but I do know they're decided on. And I honestly don't know what they picked. We got a group of guys together, some veteran players, and honestly I don't know who they are, either. Our equipment staff put together several (combinations), like 15 or 20 of them. I know Weeden was on there, I think Markelle (Martin) was on there. I think there may have been 4, 6, or 7 guys and they decided which ones they wanted to wear, and I said, ‘That's perfect.'”