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OSU's new top WR Dez Bryant is stepping into the spotlight

By Andrea Cohen Published: August 24, 2008

/> But being the face of the receivers, and their main spokesman, is new for Bryant.

Receiver Damian Davis might have said it best when he was asked if Bryant was now the go-to receiver.

"Yes ma'am,” Davis responded. "Got to be.”

Bryant doesn't shy away from that fact, but he also constantly brings up his fellow receivers.

"Being the go-to guy, I feel like a leader, like it's time to step up to the plate and make big plays,” Bryant said. "But it's not only my time, it's all the receivers' time.”

Davis said that while all eyes are on Bryant, the real pressure is on the rest of the group to provide other receiving options.

"We gotta help out Dez and (Brandon) Pettigrew and Zac (Robinson),” Davis said. "The question mark is at receiver so I feel like we need to step up – me, William Cole, Hubert Anyiam, Josh Cooper, Jeremy Broadway. We need to step up and make plays.”

Oklahoma State receiver Dez Bryant had nine catches for 117 yards and two touchdowns in the Insight Bowl last season. by MATT STRASEN, THE OKLAHOMAN

On Dez Bryant

"Make big plays. My boy makes big plays. That's his role.”

— Receiver Jeremy Broadway (on Dez Bryant)

"Obviously he's not the finished product, but he does some really scary things in one on ones and some practice stuff that you see and catches he makes. He's so physical and he can really hang in the air for a long time and make some alley-oop type catches and you saw some of that last year.”

— OSU co-offensive coordinator Gunter Brewer (on Bryant)

How I do what I do
Dez Bryant explains the dirty part of playing wide receiver:

"I like the blocking. It's way different. It's a lot faster. Right now I'm catching on to it, I'm getting a lot better at it. I watched (Adarius Bowman block) a lot. When I first seen it I was like, man. I'm talking about he was bulldozing people. He's the best blocker I ever seen to be honest.

"When I see the ball I just feel like I have to get it. I be anxious. I feel like it's a one-time thing, like it might never come around again.

"I can jump pretty high coming off one foot. Since I was in seventh grade I could jump. It's always been there.

"God blessed me to have big hands. They're pretty big. I haven't measured them. If they're not bigger (than offensive lineman Russell Okung's hands) they're about the same size.”

By Andrea Cohen


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